A Beginner’s Guide on ISO 27001

Posted on February 6th, 2015 by blogger

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ISO 27001 is a management standard for controlling the security of their data. At present, most of the companies try to become ISO 27001 certified to be on par with global standards or because they deal with few very important customers which they don’t need to lose. More often, organizations started using the ISO management system without having their business certified. This can lead to a possibility of getting certified later with less work. But, it’s important that the ISO 27001 Certification is conducted by a authorized certified body. Customers believe that few key benefits of this certification are:

● A better reputation and improved image of the company
● Enhanced revenues for the organization
● Satisfied customers
● Transparency regarding business operations
● Enhanced performance
● Excellent planning and control
● Making the best use of time and resources
● Very less insurance premiums
● Fewer mistakes
● Good Credit terms

ISO 27001 certification process is well recognized and so it’s very valued while formally presenting the work. In this competing world, this certification can give you an overall marketing edge when challenging your competitors. It’s going to help more and more when you expand your business globally. It’s impossible to do business in the security industry without ISO 27001 Certification. It’s not about winning new businesses, but it’s really very important when it comes to holding the pre-existing clients.

How to achieve this certification?
For an organization to be certified with ISO 27001 takes nearly three to six months, but it can depend on the organization size and the number of sites involved. The certification process starts with the process called Stage 1 Audit. All your existing systems will be analyzed resulting in a report which identifies the requirements for the standard.

Once the company is ready and had filled the gaps necessary, an auditor visit your office to carry out Stage 2 Audit. This affirms your information security management system (ISMS) and describes all about your requirements which are necessary to meet the standards. In order to maintain this certification, it is a mandate to have minimum one surveillance audit in a year. This ensures that you are still meeting the requirements. If at all any major failure occurs, then you will be given certain period of time to amend the situation. Every 3rd year a complete re-audit is undertaken which will identify the strengths and weaknesses. These audits are extensive and some certified bodies will charge additionally to initiate them. In this way, an organization can achieve the ISO 27001 Certification.

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