A Brief of Six Sigma certification Belts That You Must Know

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The popular six sigma belt comes with three belts in option. A person who is new to the Six Sigma Certification should go for the green belt at first, then the Black Belt and gradually move to the Master Black belt to become a proficient person in this field.

Green Belt Certification

Green belts define the understanding of the basic statistical analysis of the Lean principles. The goal is simple; it is better the performance with a desired target and reducing the process variation. They are usually in support of Black belts and work under them and at times monitor the Yellow belts for their betterment.

The certification usually has lesser scope than the black belt and the working hour varies from 80-100 hours and it requires a final examination at the end.

Black Belt Certification

Black belt requires a thorough understanding of the Green Belt and it provides training to create new material for monitoring the Green belts

The projects of the Black belt are of higher value and efficient than that of the Green Belt. The completion of the course work varies from 160-360 hours and it also needs an examination to certify the course.

Master Black Belt Certification

They are the experts of the all the belts. The subject matter of the lean principles is very much clear to them. They also have a solid knowledge of the analysis of statistics and advanced concepts of statistical Data.

They are work as a full time employee with the accreditation of Master Black Belts and give ample amount of time over monitoring the Green and Black belts. This certification is the most rigorous and requires much of hard work.

The projects that they handle focus on the change of the direction of the company. They also Master Black Belts also develop materials, certification programs, and conduct training and provide overall direction for the Six Sigma program.

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