A career in lean management for global recognition

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Lean management is value creation by reducing waste. Toyota Motors are pioneers in applying lean management principles. Today lean principles are applied by companies across sectors globally. Companies apply lean principles, methods to manufacturing, service and transactional industries. Aimed at zero waste, lean optimizes assets, technologies, products and services in
alignment with customer expectations like high quality and low cost etc.

People often associate lean with manufacturing. Lean is not just confined only to the manufacturing segment. It encompasses other verticals also as cost reduction is applicable to every sector or segment. It applies to any business, any process and companies looking forward to go lean or apply ‘lean thinking’ choose new methods and discard the old methods. Put it simply, lean is a ‘thought process’ to guide businesses.

Owing to its success, lean principles are being adopted by leading businesses although Toyota, Ford, Motorola and GE are pioneers in applying lean principles for breakthrough results. To gain
more understanding on lean, it is ideal to look into lean principles.

Lean principles

Lean principles value from the manufacturing point to end point (the stage it reaches the customer). Lean evaluates every step in the value stream, processes and eliminates waste wherever possible. Lean principles set value creation in sequence to ensure smooth product flow to the end user. Through its principle ‘flow and pull’, it start the process again and again until perfection is attained.

Thanks to its global value there are courses to master lean principles. The course will be for five days where the topics ideally will be:

● Lean overview and fundamentals and five lean principles
● Enterprise wide value stream assessment
● Eight forms of waste
● Value stream mapping
● Mistake proofing
● Resource reliability enhancement
● Score and lean deployment roadmap

Successful completion of the course will earn green belt certification. The course will equip one with better understanding of customer requirements, project charting, prioritization etc. Secondly, it gives ideas to identify inputs and outputs, setting targets, root cause analysis etc. Moreover, it helps in evaluating financial benefits, understanding process capability for closing project.

Pursue a career in lean management

It goes without saying there are complexities involved, therefore it is highly recommended to attend lean management certifications from a reputed institute. In UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, reputed institutes offer lean management training. Attend one such course to elevate your professional front.

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