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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” said Steve Jobs. In the absence of an effective leader a visionary there will be none to know the way, go the way and show the way as a result organizations suffer with wrong people in the helms of affairs as a result little progress in growth.

How organizations suffer due to lack of trust in management?

According to Dale Carnegie management, 40% of the employees don’t trust the management. In a competitive scenario where talent is premium, finding the right talent itself is difficult, leave alone retaining them. Human resource managers work overtime to attract top talent and retain them. Just talent is not enough, the person should have the right emotional quotient as well as cultural fit to abide in an organization for leadership promotion.

By the time human resource managers identify a person for promotion and growth after evaluating the person’s skills and attitude in a year time, the person will be unwilling to continue in the same organization. This is largely due to his/her frustration with internal politics and a host of other factors which the person is unwilling to disclose. Sooner than later the person will put in his/her papers to join another company that gives a lucrative package and a platform for growth.

If delved deeper, one can understand the core problem lies with the trust deficit the employees have with the management. If the head is good, body will also be good. But if the top leader has a negative mindset, not seeing employees as assets but as bonded laborers and the leader’s team also consist of people with the same mentality then the organization will suffer.

Talent promotion, the key for growth

Talented workers are a premium. There is a saying in workplace, “Talented people will go elsewhere and deadwoods will continue”. If organizations want to retain talent, they have to change their leadership style, constantly evolve attitudes lest the top talent will go to competitors.

Leadership is by example. An ideal leader should learn standard practices and follow its principles and leads others to emulate. He should develop a team which has the right talent and right attitude. Leader constantly communicates to his team on the challenges lying ahead and identifies the ones who have solutions to face such challenges. Such ones are the thought leaders for the organization who should be empowered for strategy and execution. Once they are successful, they should be promoted to the next leadership level and the key people who excelled in execution of strategy should be promoted as second line leaders.

Leader’s next step should be to identify another set of challenges. He replicates the above mentioned process and ensure customer satisfaction. The wise leader consider intelligence quotient on par with emotional quotient, because this is another area where leadership fails.

Leadership development essential for career

Leadership realities are vast and wide and leadership development is essential for career growth. A leadership development training will give one better idea on leadership. Join a reputed institute that offer leadership course. Leadership online courses are also available with a few reputed institute in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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