Accounting and Finance Professionals are Catalysts for Growth

Posted on February 14th, 2015 by blogger

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Today’s businesses require crucial accounting skills to stay competitive. Activities like operational reporting, financial calculations, preparing management reports, working with spreadsheets will streamline the office administration of organizations. People who want work in finance and accounts department can pursue courses in accounting and finance. Businesses have to share financial information to its users, stakeholders. This require professional preparation of financial info and communicating the same to relevant audience. Accounting has two streams – management accounting and financial accounting.

● Management accounting – Accounting focussing on within the organisation named employees, managers, employer etc. This will facilitate informed decision making in the operation area.
● Financial accounting – Accounting focussing on the market, the end users of any product or services. This presents data to shareholders, financial institutions, lenders, press and the government.

Good analytical skills and concentration are prerequisites for accounting and finance professionals. They should have technical skills alongside general awareness on business and politics. Since todays work is about being smart, one should know how accounting and finance shapes organization and influence the market by developing statistical information. If one can develop competency in this angle, then surely that person is on the growth track.Taxation is an important component in accounting and finance. If one has expertise in tax saving plans that helps employees in an organization to pay less tax he will have more value to the company.

Large corporations pay well to their finance and accounting staff. Other domains a potential accounting profession should narrow down is segments like management consulting, risk management and audit, banks, chartered accountant’s office accountant etc. Those who opt back office roles courses in finance and accounting is an ideal option. Online financial courses are also available for executives who look for continuous education. The positions that await those who completed the course is accountant, payroll clerk, accounts assistant, accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk etc.

Accountants/finance professionals are enablers in sound decision making process. Their information enables the public to make investment plans, their in- house financial information enables the management to make performance assessment and budgeting.
Looking from any angle, this is a challenging field for those who want to grow in businesses. Good courses are available in accounting and finance. Students can search for relevant courses from reputed institutes. The verticals are many like banks, hospitality, construction, IT, medical etc., which require talented accounting professionals who can project them. Yes, the finance and accounting professionals are catalysts for any organization vying for growth.

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