Agile Expert Training and Certification: Are you Aware of the Accreditation’s Advantage?

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To cope with the rapidly changing IT market, and its growing demands and expectations, organisations have taken up agile methods and principles. These values are dependent on the iterated plans of development and adaption.

Their prime concern is the workforce of the organisation, and getting it to perform operational processes flawlessly. People who implement these principles within organisations are the ones who have undergone Agile Expert training and certification. Their accreditation is a proof that they are competent in applying the values effectively.

Who is the course aimed at?

Management Professionals, who are presently working with, or wish to implement the values in their organisation in the near future, are most welcome to the course. It is for those individuals within the IT atmosphere, who are holders of the following designations : Project Managers, Project Sponsors, Team Leads, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Programmers, and Management Executives. Any individual who wishes to perform organisational tasks as per these values, should take up an Agile Expert IT training online.

How is the course beneficial?

  • It helps professionals understand the principles and develop proficiency in the methodologies.
  • They also acquire expertise in Project Management and job roles associated with Senior Management.
  • The accreditation assists professionals in attaining the credit for projects that are successful.
  • An integral part of the coursework is a discussion on Project Management projects – both regional and global.
  • Apart from this, the course also facilitates group exercises, which help in boosting teamwork and employee morale.
  • Such courses cover all modules with special reference to case studies specific to industries.

About the qualifying examination:

To maintain the validity of the accreditation, an individual needs to earn a minimum of 40 re-accreditation credits every two years. A course on Agile Expert certification online prepares accredited professionals for the re-accreditation examination.

This examination is a multi-choice one which has to be completed within a stipulated duration of 120 minutes. It has a total of 100 questions, with one mark offered per correct answers. There is no negative marking for wrong answers.

So, do you want to take up the course? Come, enroll yourself in it now.

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