Agile Training – To Better Estimate and Plan Agile Projects

Posted on July 1st, 2016 by misp_admin

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Agile Training – To Better Estimate and Plan Agile Projects

New and seasoned project managers are getting number of benefits by enrolling in the Agile Training being offered by well-know training providers in UAE and throughout world. MISP Training and Consultancy is one of the best destinations to learn about the techniques that will help you to successfully apply agile methods to your projects and programs. If you are currently working as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach or Release Manager then Agile techniques will be more successfully executed if you go through the highly professional training offered by our experienced hands-on coaches.

There are number of decisions that you would have to take while working as agile expert like:

  1. You have to decide about the better team structure that will aim to success and provide the roles that needs to be played by each and every members of team.
  2. Estimating the project growth within the given schedules.
  3. Decisions regarding the program roadmap that to be built in order to start the various tasks associated with it.
  4. You have to measure various real-world techniques for creation of the release plan.
  5. Mitigating risks while creating the value and cost burn-up charts.
  6. Other decisions in regard with the various key agile metrics.

At MISP you will be trained enough to take the decisions stated above in the most appropriate manner. Agile Expert certification Abu Dhabi is a must-have certification that builds a bridge and allocates a valid gap between traditional and Agile Project Management. All the important knowledge that is required to you as an expert in order to successfully execute the projects and program deliverables. The professional instructors of MISP training and Consultancy will prepare you for the Agile exam preparation and assist you in getting the better understanding about the techniques along with the best practices.

All the modules are designed with 60% interactive end-to-end practices that will prepare you to become real world practitioner as the valuable course material, handouts and resources will support you on your projects. AT MISP you will avail the for maximum learning retention with the help of real-world creative techniques

Enroll for the training and achieve the best Agile Expert certification Doha Qatar to work well with the values and principles while Tracking and Reporting for every tasks for achieving the final goals.

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