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Posted on February 12th, 2015 by blogger

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Today’s increasingly connected world requires a sea change in marketing approach. The world is radically going digital and wants to be projected digitally. You step in the shoes of a customer and ask this question, “Do I search net before making a purchase? Do I research about a person or thing before I approach that person?” If the answer is ‘yes’ then then you need to understand digital marketing.

Researches have shown that your brand value is your ranking in search engine. This amounts to say that you need search engine optimization. Marketers all over the world is waking up to this fact and going after digital marketing; providing information digitally to widen their reach. To reach digitally you have to connect with search engines, social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, google+ etc. Online strategies give the requisite attention to the content. For this, you require training in digital marketing.

Digital marketing makes companies ahead in reach at the same time, digital marketing has the potential of damaging your reputation, if an information on ‘bad product, service’ go viral. This can be better understood by a case study.

Company ‘Y’ is a career consulting company. They have a good client base and reputation which they built over years. After few years of brand building the management became short sighted and began to exact huge sums from its clients without giving proper service. The customers shared the information in social networking sites and forwarded their experience to as many people as possible. In one and a half years time company ‘Y’ found that most of their customers switched over to competitors. After six more months the company was forced to shut down as they could not bear the loss.

This is the power of social media. Of late, many businesses are understanding the importance of social media marketing. They set up in-house digital marketing team in their operations. Then the question will come ‘if not social media marketing what will happen?’ The answer is so simple, companies cannot win competition.

Hundreds of companies are selling their products online. Consumers across the world understands online purchase gives them cost benefit purchasing from a brick and mortar showroom has its disadvantages like ‘you’ paying for their rents, staffing cost, and maintenance cost. Online shopping will radically revise the lives of millions. More importantly, online shopping will bring down real estate prices also.

The question what you will learn in digital marketing is the next question. You will learn topics like search engine optimization, Google adwords, content writing, promoting web traffic through social media etc. There is tremendous growth anticipated in digital media. Therefore, it makes sense for you to marketing training courses in digital media segment. Reputed institutes in Dubai will be of great help if you want to study marketing training courses.

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