Become a Certified Quality Manager; the Future’s Turning Quality Freak

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Imagine you’ve seen a heap of apples in the market, and feel like buying some. You will definitely try to pick the ones, which look healthiest amongst the lot. The shopkeeper might have a tough time selling the rotten ones. He will blame the supplier, who, in turn, will blame the owner of the orchard, who, again, will hold the caretaker of the trees responsible for the quality of the fruit being produced.

Well, this is called the DEMAND FOR QUALITY!

Today, it’s present everywhere – from the orchard to the corporate atmosphere. And, it’s huge. If there’s no one to supervise the products that are being manufactured or services being offered, nothing on this planet would ever meet the high standards which consumers expect.

Yes, this is where the significance of Quality Management comes into play. Now, doesn’t that give you a strong reason to become a certified quality manager? Sure, it does.

Here’s an insight into the future, the profession will soon witness:

Economic forces all around the globe are eating their hearts out over the need for high standards in everything. In fact, they have silently made it clear that quality managers should be formally trained and battle-readied for the imminent.

Following suit, getting a certified quality manager certification in UAE makes sense. But, what are the trends that will impact the future of the profession? Let’s talk about them:

Finicky Consumers:

Yes, the word’s just right for them – they are downright demanding about their requirements these days. Try selling the bad apple to them once and they will never return to your shop.

The crave for high standards has almost become a universal business language. Defect reduction is just not enough. The right functionality, performance, design, and service are part of the concept, too.

And, did you know the consumers are at the core of rising sales and market shares? Only those companies that can respond to their demands can enjoy these benefits. This is possible only when there are experts managing the excellence of the products manufactures and services offered.

So, to give your career a boost, attending a certified quality manager training in Abu Dhabi is increasingly becoming important.

Economic Pestering:

Every organisation is experiencing this, sometimes due to the increase in costs in spite of all endeavours of containment, and at other times, due to the decrease in costs because of changing market trends. Sadly, organisations have not been able to get the hang of what happens when and why.

For instance, if a cost reduction is not in harmony with process improvement, it would very much be like an attempt to lose weight without making any changes in lifestyle; it isn’t fruitful. And, because it fails, the attempt is repeated all over again, leading to more cost reduction and more failure.

However, if the organisations know how to synchronise customer value enhancement with the price of the product they are enjoying, the economic pestering can be dismissed. Doesn’t this entire thing hints toward the need of quality (yet again)? Attending a certified quality manager course in Dubai, thus, has become increasingly advisable.


The two aspects, finicky consumers and economic pestering, have given rise to the need for management approaches that are beyond the run-of-the-mill. Human leadership for the sake of the grandeur of products and services is in demand.

It’s time to ditch old school and become competent for the future. A certified quality manager is what every organisation is looking for, because it’s not just about selling apples anymore; it’s about selling world-class apples instead.

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