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Posted on February 17th, 2015 by blogger

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“Studies serve for delight, for ornament and for ability; its chief use lies in discourse,” said English eminent writer Francis Bacon. In a competitive business scenario, it is highly imperative that one should have the requisite communication skills to reach the career pinnacle. First prime minister of India Shri Jawharlal Nehru was an excellent orator as well as a prose writer. These two life qualities, oration (verbal communication) prose writing (written communication), enabled him to eclipse other competitors in the leadership/party so that he could rule the roost.

Today several educated people are missing the race due to poor communication skills either verbally or in writing. They have trailblazing academic records but when it comes to expressing their thoughts they lag behind. There are innumerable instances where people with poor academic record overtaking people with good academic record thanks to spruced up communication skills. When the world is demanding so much on communication front it makes sense for people across verticals to lay emphasis on this important life skill to secure job, retain it as well as to secure high ranking managerial positions.The glaring gap that confronts professionals is – one is so good at verbal communication but poor in writing skills. On the other hand, one is so good in writing but they are poor to put it across before an audience. Require balancing for both cases.

The above mentioned gap will act as a career spoiler if timely remedial action is not taken. That is why exactly one should identify the gaps and ponder over areas to improve and excel. Communication is a two way process where sender ensures what the receiver understands so that any process/action can be taken to the next level.

Communication takes its complex form when one has to put across a topic/idea before a large audience. This is the presentation form where one has to take into consideration whether he has:
● the confidence and knowledge about the topic he is dealing with
● the mental capacity to capture the attention of the audience by employing right body language, giving proper accent to wordings
● pause whenever required to make the receiver think he is attentive to his ideas

This is about verbal communication. An effective verbal communicator is on his way to assertive leadership with ease. If he is poor in expressing ideas, he cannot convince the audience and will not get their support to take them along.

When it comes to written communication, one has to understand the subtle nuances of business communication from just writing few paragraphs. He has to see more into what the receiver wants, what makes him read (by using the right keywords) a mail etc.All these cannot come easily. It comes by practice. At this point, it is highly ideal to attend good training from reputed institutes. If you are in Dubai as an employee or a job seeker you can attend one such institute so that you can bolster your career front.

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