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Software development comes with lot of complexities and that require smart and empirical approaches that are different from traditional approaches. Complexities in the form of changing market dynamics, team reshuffle, budget cuts affect the software development to look upon innovative tools and approaches for the successful completion of the projects. Scrum is used by different verticals globally like banking, insurance, education, logistics, IT, government globally.

A Scrum Master facilitates product development by applying Scrum principles and ensures its implementation. He employs empirical approach, reduces project risk and breaks the product vision into easy to achieve slices of work. He acts as an enforcer of Scrum methodologies, and coordinates project meetings.

How Scrum works?

Scrum has three roles – the product owner, scrum master and team member. The product owner communicates the vision to the product team.

The uniqueness of scrum is empirical process control. Scrum has processes like events, sprint planning meeting, daily scrum meeting, end meetings, backlog refinement, scrum of scrums, etc. Sprint is a time-bound effort for complete short slices of work which are one week, two weeks or three week meetings. Sprint is organized through planned meetings for time-bound commitment to finish tasks assigned.

As a follow up to this will be end meetings to review the work that is completed and incomplete planned work. Based on that team members reflect on past sprint and take steps for continuous improvements. The follow up meeting will ends with questions like – what can be achieved in the next sprint. Each sprint result in continuous improvement and as a result there will be better coordination, enhanced productivity and swift completion of tasks.

The course

To qualify oneself for the course, one should have three years experience working with Agile/scrum projects. The course will take 90 days to complete. Exam will have 35 questions where the attendee has to answer minimum 24 answers correctly. Scrum master certification is ideal for mid level leaders and executives like software developers, architects, managers, project managers and QA professionals.


Scrum master training and certification gives global recognition across industries globally. People having Scrum certification earns 25% more than their non certified counterparts. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, reputed training institutes give Scrum master certification. In Middle East itself you can find great opportunities as Certified Scrum Master. Find out reputed institutes and join there only to start career as a Certified professional manager. All the best.

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