Career Talks: Choosing Certified Quality Engineering as Your Full-Time Job

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So, you’ve purchased a certain amazing product from the market. But, have you ever wondered about those people who are behind checking its quality and efficiency before letting it out of the factory?

Yes, they are the degree holders in quality engineering and certified professionals in their field of expertise.

What do these professionals do?

Now, this is an appealing career choice!

These professionals work to test and improve the efficiency of a product through assurance programs and according to the standards of it. Companies employ them so as to maintain the supremacy of the goods they manufacture and the services they offer.

The expectation is to keep production costs and risks of malfunction or failure low. A certified quality engineer training session will teach you how to coordinate with different departments, ranging from product development to customer service.

While assessing the credibility of a product, technicians can make use of these following methods:

  • Statistical Process Control., using statistical data and processes.
  • Deming’s Wheel for sampling processes.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) for permanent maintenance of quality.
  • Six Sigma for the identification and removal of errors.

Educational prerequisites and technical expertise?

To become a professional as such, a person will have to be well-versed in applied math, including calculus and statics, and physical sciences. Before opting for a certified quality engineer course in UAE, he must have a minimum of eight years of on-the-job experience in one or more of the relevant areas of expertise.

These executives have to thoroughly understand a number of metrics along with applied technologies. They must have a deep knowledge about various statistical methods and human factors in Management Information Systems. This in-depth know-how is important because these professionals will be playing important decision-making roles in the company.

ASQ CQE is a globally accepted, must-attend programme for these white-collars. So, even if you cannot meet the eight-year-experience criteria, you are still eligible for taking up the course, if you are a degree holder from an ASQ-recognised institution with:

  • A diploma from a technical or trade school, or,
  • An Associate degree, or,
  • A Bachelor’s degree, or,
  • A Master’s degree, or,
  • A Doctorate degree.

The higher your degree, the greater will be the waive.

During the training, you will learn how to research and prevent undesired expenses, loss of production investments and declining market shares, that crop up due to lack of high quality.

A certified quality engineer course in Dubai will help an individual in attaining the required skill set and credentials for the career opportunity.

You will learn about…?

  • Management and Leadership.
  • The Quality Systems.
  • Product and Process Design.
  • iProject Management.
  • Continuous Improvement.
  • Quantitative Methods and Tools.


A quality engineer may be hired by companies which are concerned with:

  • Manufacturing processes.
  • Purchasing processes.
  • Sales and after sales.
  • Customer service.
  • HR management.
  • Research & Development.
  • Information Technology.

And, because businesses of today are becoming increasingly dependent on the ‘quality’ of whatever they present, this profession seems like a great way to go. So, rise and shine, career seekers!

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