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Posted on January 20th, 2015 by blogger

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Do you feel distracted during productive hours? Do you lose attention while in a training session or seminar? If the answer is ‘yes’ you have the phenomenon called attention deficit disorder. Attention management is all about controlling and sustaining attention by employing certain tools and models. Attention management is required to optimize production in businesses.

Attention is related to the term ‘focus’. Focussed attention is vital for success. Successful managers employ various tools, models to engage their team effectively. Attention is a soft skill which is highly effective in listening comprehension, understanding business briefings, receiving orders from superiors etc. Marketing companies’ success is driven by the account managers’ attention management skills to convert business briefings to ideas, sales, etc.

Anyone can be distracted by anything in this digital age. Attention deficit happens when messages flash in your mobiles, just looking at the passers by while attending a session or an outbound call. So even if some admit that they have real attention deficit disorders due to their poor track record, even big performers also undergo this phenomenon unknowingly or due to lack of attention for a prolonged period. Their attention deficit became known to others when major losses were detected or at instances of grave avoidable accidents were found.

Today, lot of emphasis is laid on professionalism. Attention deficit has to be dealt professionally. That is why exactly corporates conduct trainings in attention management to create awareness so that businesses run more effectively. Online management courses are also available for professionals, students in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

For those who want to be experts in this area certification courses on ‘attention management’ are also available. Digital age comes with diverse attention distractors. Then comes the challenge meeting deadlines. Demanding deadlines, managing personal as well as professional lives require more attention. Viewed from this perspective, it is ideal to go for attention management training to gain understanding on topics like:

Understanding attention management
Focussing on concentration
Overcoming procrastination
Different types of attention
Prioritizing time
Attention training

Understanding these concepts will surely enhance one’s attention thereby contributing to individual as well as team’s productivity. As productivity is linked to climb the career ladder a certification attention management makes sense.

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