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Posted on February 11th, 2015 by blogger

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Organizations have processes; processes require quality; quality has to be in line with global standards. This require training and certification. A robust QA system imparts confidence to customers as well as consultants. Strong quality management practices make the processes challenging to the employees, enhances the brand image of the company.

Cost-saving performance improvements is the main challenge industries face. Due to competition companies always work towards quality improvement through monitoring the process. At the same time, they don’t want cost escalations. At this juncture, only way to balance both quality and price is by implementing quality control systems and strategies. The quality control systems and strategies are known as six-sigma. One has to learn the principles of six sigma to implement QA.

To master six sigma principles one should learn six sigma certification. The course includes:
● Technical maths
● Engineering economics
● Manufacturing processes
● Concepts in total quality management
● Quality control through statistics
● Industrial manufacturing practices

Through QA principles like ‘fit for purpose’ that determines the suitability of the purpose served and ‘right first time’ to eliminate mistakes. When it comes to monitoring manufacturing process QA assures quality of raw materials, components, services etc.

Although working in QA take this certification, graduates, undergraduates can go for this certification. Delegates will learn quality standards like six sigma, ISO and TL 9000. Positions like Quality Technician, Quality Process Analyst, Quality Inspector, Quality Auditor await those who pursue this certification.

Businesses are concerned about quality like never before in their products and services. This has naturally created a demand spurt for QA professionals. Therefore it has become a natural choice for people who work in QA area to pursue quality certification program. Other than existing employees, students who are at cross roads after being passed out from college can go for this certification.

Courses like ‘Certificate in QA and Assurance’, ‘Associate Degree in QA & QC’, ‘Masters in QA’ are ideal courses to pursue. Besides, there are many online courses available in ‘quality control’ segment.

Industries want standard auditing process. The quality auditor’s duty is to question relevant stakeholders and respondents and send a report to the management. He performs in-process, incoming, quality system and product audits. Moreover, the quality auditor ensures various departments comply with the audit requirements. He also prepares training modules for various departments to enhance quality standards. If you have an aptitude for the above mentioned job roles choose ‘quality control’ field as a career.

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