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Internal auditing is a field that unlocks quite a number of opportunities in an organization where the areas they focus will be asset management, risk management, governance and control processes fields. Internal auditing aims to improve the above mentioned fields with valuable insights by complying with Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) standards.

Internal auditing process

In governance, auditing elements require definition by undertaking audit activities to improve governance process by imparting ethical values, coordinating with various levels of management, inculcating organizational values, creating risk management mechanism, creating succession plans etc. Internal audits focus on accountability of internal executives improving their performance, promote ethical standards for responsible behaviour among executives for informed decision making.

Besides, internal auditing focus on quality management system, risk management, conflict management, fraud detection by establishing financial loss, conduct performance based audit, arresting waste and loss, strategy and execution and lastly complying with the state laws.
Internal auditors advise the management with valuable suggestions for execution.

Success of an internal auditor is gauged by his ability to prove to the stakeholders they are catalysts to manage business effectively. They are synonymous with the terms efficiency and effectiveness.
Although certification is meant for internal auditing personnel in a company, consultants, quality management professionals can attend this company. Graduation is the basic qualification required along with reference from a CIA. Students also can do this certification.

The course

Internal auditing is a one day training with topics like quality management systems, auditing behaviour, Internal audit management, internal audit checklists, auditing techniques etc. Today trainings are available in different languages. Exams are offered through IIA where pass is evaluated based on scoring 250-750 points. Those who passed out will become Certified Internal Auditor. Failed ones will have to wait for 90 days for further attempts.

Career in internal auditing

Positions like audit executive, audit manager await those who are accomplished in this field through certification. At the junior level, the annual salary is above $50000; senior level auditors fetches between 60-80k dollars per annum. Managerial level auditors draw between 70k – 100k dollars annually.
Certifications set one apart from the peers. This will earn credibility in the job market as well as worthy investment in career. Secondly, this will give recognition in the industry.
Looked from every side, one will be in an advantageous position with lead auditor certification. Therefore it makes sense to study this course for career advancement, social status, gainful employment and the like. In Dubai, popular institutes offer courses in lead auditing. Search for a popular institute that gives you the best training.

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