Completed Project Management Courses? Prepare for These 5 Interview Questions Now

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Landing yourself in an organisation as a Project Manager is a hard earned bliss. The interview can be extremely stressful. You never know what question will be shot and when.

So, how are you going to show that you can deliver and manage a team smartly? How will you convince the panel that you are capable of taking the right decisions for the tasks assigned?

How will you tell the interviewers that you are worth the project management courses in UAE that you attended so painstakingly? It’s tough, really tough.

To make things easier, here’s a compilation of the questions you are most likely to be asked during the interview. Go through them carefully:

Question #1: Which field does not interest you?

The reason behind asking this question is, Project Managers usually work on only the assignments that they are allotted. It is natural to like a particular field and dislike another.

However, please remember that the organisation wants to employ someone who has the ability to work on any given field. Therefore, never show that you prefer one field of work more than the other.

Question #2: Which is the most important job role, according to you?

By asking this, the interview panel is testing your priorities yet again. Create your answer in such a way that it portrays you as a perfect fit for the team. Don’t provide biased replies.

The certification of your successful completion of project management courses in Dubai will go in vain if you say that focusing on process is the most important thing to do, while you interviewer thinks otherwise.

Question #3: What is your idea of managing up?

‘Managing up’ is a business language, which means getting along with seniors and working harmoniously with them. While in the field, you have to do it all the time. So, this question is a blessing in disguise, which allows you to show your relationship management skills.

Never say that you consider the sponsors and stakeholders of the project as mere figureheads. Everyone matters in the task taken up.

Question #4: What criteria would you set for your next job?

This is a very important question as it will show your dedication toward your work. Your interviewer wants to know if you are interested in earning higher credentials, boosting the progress of your career, and working for brands.

However, if you set salary as your criteria, this would definitely be a bad reply, no matter how many project management courses in Abu Dhabi you have attended.

Question #5: How able are you in problem solving?

Beware! The interviewer is actually not asking about your capabilities as a problem solver. Instead, he wants to know whether you like to include your team in the same, as well. You sure want to portray your technical skills. But, never say you can manage a problem all by yourself.

Yes, a Project Manager interview can be tricky. You just need to see beyond the obvious and answer accordingly. And then, the training sessions are always there to help you out. So, are you geared up? Start your preparation now!

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