Do you meet these requirements before for enrolling yourself for the Six Sigma Green Belt?

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If you have made up your mind in pursuing the Six Sigma Green Belt, then be rest assured you have taken a decision which can help you in making a lead in the IT world. I case, you are not sure about the pre-requisite of the course, here is a list of it.

Experience matters the most.

The employees who are Six Sigma Green Belts affiliated take their time out to assist improvement teams and help them analyzing and solving problems. In this way, a candidate is supposed to have a three years experience in one or more than one sectors of the Green Belt Body of Knowledge so that the candidate an apply his knowledge about the certification after or meanwhile the training.

Work experience will only be counted if it is full time paid role. Any intern or half time worker is not applicable for the certification.

A Certified Six Sigma Green Belt must be subjected to do the following functionalities:

  • He should operate in support of the Black Belt lead.
  • He must be able to work under the supervision of the Black Belt too.
  • He must be able to analyze the quality problems and give quick fix solutions to it.
  • He must be involved in projects dealing with the improvement of quality.
  • It does not matter if he had not leaded any project, but he must participate in projects.
  • The work experience must not count less than 3 years.
  • He must have the ability to explain the Six Sigma tools to his sub employees to carry out the work.

The Examination Bell

The written examination that the candidates need to pass consists of multiple choices of questions which are based on the detailed study of the Body of Knowledge. The certification examination is held for four hours where the participant will be facing 100 MCQs. The medium of the examination is in English only.

So are you ready to get started and being called as a certified Six Sigma Green Belt?


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