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Posted on February 10th, 2015 by blogger

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If you want to be unique, you should be creative. The challenge here is not to become an average performer but an exceptional performer. If you want to be an exceptional performer you need to think creatively, act exceptionally, often out of the box.

The question that crops up here is: can a person be creative? Under normal circumstances, one becomes creative due the way he brought up. For example, prolonged political uncertainties, exploitation gave rise to revolutionary movements. Revolutionary movements created poets, painters, writers etc. Similarly, the way a person is brought up, the zeal that is created due to various surroundings be it good or bad stirs up creativity in a person.

Creativity can be understood in different ways. For example, invention is born out of necessities whereas innovation is sheer creativity.

Strategy is theory whereas tactics is creativity which cannot be taught or it keeps changing according to circumstances, time.

Vertical thinking is logical thinking whereas lateral thinking is creative thinking.

Not everyone goes through strange or abnormal circumstances to be creative. In such a situation, there is a need for stirring up creativity through training.

Creativity thinking is to spur your innovative spirit thereby transforming ideas into reality. A person with good logical and analytical skill can be imparted lateral thinking skills through training and coaching. Ideas on thinking in different lines prompts one to think in those lines. Some training institutes conduct creativity workshops to spur up the thinking process of its delegates. What matters here is the track record of the coach, his life experiences, his presentation style that can make an impact in the minds of delegates.

Creativity is applied in every walk of life. In war, there is an emphasis on strategy. But if the general employs the same strategy which was used earlier he will fight a losing battle because the opponent knows how to deal with that particular strategy. The need here is to understand the weakness of the enemy, the prevailing circumstances to create a better strategy. It should also coincide with the timing of attack. This can make a difference.

When it comes to politics same policy is applicable. Businesses bring out new models which gives more value. For example people carried a mobile for calling purposes and used a camera for image shooting purposes. Today’s mobile device combines both functions. The old models are outdated. This is an example of how marketers use creativity to make people buy new products.

In politics as well as businesses, creative thinking should go in line with the demand and supply theory. A creative marketer identifies opportunity in challenges and come out with a product that suits the market demand. Creative thinking is applicable in problem solving and conflict resolution also.

When it comes to the writing profession, same principle is applied. Mails are drafted keeping in mind what is the exact requirement of the addressee. Creative thinking is applied in writing articles with eye capturing style, layout to grab eyeballs. Infographics is an example for creativity in presentation.

Yes, you can stir up your creativity. Many reputed institutes give professional training in creative thinking courses. Choose a good institute and learn it to be a successful person.

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