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Managing a project is certainly a tough call but with right skill you are set to shine in any field. The full form of PMP is Project Management Professional. It is considered as the most important certification in the project management field. Your ability as a good project manager will be appreciated best when you have a PMP credential. It can earn you better reputation and remuneration.

What Is PMP Course?                                                                          

PMP credential is vital aspect to consider to project managing professionals for better job and promotions. This course offers requisite knowledge to the candidates to have a great and successful career in the project management field. Project managing professionals get best benefits from this course in their career and stay way ahead of others. The course has many modules and all are admired by professionals. This course helps candidates to deal with the real time projects and situations.

Good Faculty Is Needed:

A good faculty of PMP experts provides complete guidance to the candidates to get success in PMP exams that comes with 200 MCQ questions. In these days, there are numerous academic organizations who offer online tutorials and classes on this topic. Candidates can choose whether they need a regular class or online tutorials from the PMP experts.

Why Should We Opt For A PMP Credential?

  • # PMP course in helpful for real estate sectors, IT sectors, commercial business, etc. This course helps to solidify the skill and knowledge of the candidate and help him to advance in his relevant field with high promotions.
  • # Especially in Dubai, this course is in high demand as there is innumerable real estate, commercial and IT businesses are budding these days.
  • # There are certain requirements that you should have to opt for this course. If you have a secondary degree (associate’s degree, high school diploma, or the global equivalent) and five years of project management experience or you have four year bachelor’s degree or its equivalent along with at least three years of working experience in the relevant field, then you can only apply for this course. These eligibility criteria should be followed by every willing student for PMP Courses in Dubai.


Exam Syllabus:

This exam comprises of 200 MCQ questions which are divided into 5 groups, initiating the project (13%), planning the project (24%), executing the project (30%), monitoring and controlling the project (25%) and successfully closing the project (8%). All these five sections are termed as scored questions with 175 marks. The remaining 25 questions are pretest questions. The syllabus is not so easy and that is why you need to take quality classes from the experts.

Guidance on Where to Take the Course:

In these days, there are numerous academic organizations are budding and claiming to be a good certification provider. But all are not authentic which means you can be trapped under fake academic organizations. That is why you need to do a good research on this topic to get acquainted with some good and authentic academic certification providers who are able to offer you quality classes with quality modules. You can take online classes from that organization or take regular classes. Regardless of how proficient your project management knowledge or education might be, you should still prepare vigorously for the exam.

Few Tips To Help You Prepare For PMP Certification Exam:

  • # Go through the PMP credential Handbook for Dubai.
  • # Thoroughly read the PMP examination content outline.
  • # Practice regularly with the PMP sample questions.
  • # Ask your PMP experts from whom you are getting classes about your each and every query.
  • # You can get in touch with some of the PMP certified experts to gather more knowledge on the relevant topic.
  • # Read current project management statistics and go through all the modules that are available in internet.


So, when you are at the verge of getting the credential that you have craved for years, you need to focus more on the intended exam and score well. PMP Course in Abu Dhabi will earn you immense of happiness and prosperity in the relevant field, and most importantly you will get complete job satisfaction.

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