Have you pondered over the Leed Certification Training of late?

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LEED-  the term and its meaning.

The term LEED abbreviates for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It basically means the leadership of green buildings. Green building forms the concept of structures which are formed in such a way that they are environmental friendly as well as efficient throughout the span of a building’s life. This includes the various functionaries which begin from designing to construction then to operation of it and gradually moving to its maintenance and henceforth renovation if necessary, and lastly its demolition.

The Benefits of LEED certification

The certified green buildings deliver resource and save the cost price even to a greater margin. This becomes a valued point after its eco-friendly benefit. Be it a small business or a house to build, this can be applied for all sizes of buildings and serve its purpose.

As the cost price is minimal, home owners and occupants of buildings have the running costs on low budget too.

In foreign and also in the world wide this certification has gain a lot of importance, hence utilizing this certification can lead you to gain the green cred, the credential which serves as a prove from the government that you care about your environment as much as they do.

After a brief of the certification, you must be interested i n the facts of getting the accredation? So read on-

Getting LEED certification 

LEED certification training is not that easy to get as well, in order to hold the certification a building must surpass certain key points and earn points.

A brief is given below:

  • Interior Design + Construction- thisis valid for retail and hospitality sectors for the completion of interior projects which includes the commercial interior too.
  • Building Design + Construction- this is highlyapplicable to the newly constructed buildings and even to those which are undergoing major renovations.
  • Building Operations + Maintenance- this is inclusive of projects which are already built but are still undergoing some kind of improvement work to better the structure of the building.
  • Neighbourhood Development- thisapplies to development of new lands or redevelopment of projects which contains residential as well as non residential and mixed uses.
  • Homes- this includes homes of all kinds. Be it single family homes or low rise multifamily residential or even the mid rise ones. All fall to this category.

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