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Budget, resources, allocation – these are all key points in running a project. Behind the success of every big business is a dedicated and careful management of resources and workforce. The concept of Project Management as an independent and important unit in a business came about with this need for right management of resources in every sector and to coordinate the activities of different production units under a common head.

Why should you invest time in training workforce in project management training?

Project Management involves planning, organizing and executing a specific plan that ensures cost effective production. The plan is prepared keeping in mind the available resources and their optimum utilization. The plans include regulation of the flow of resources, and controlling and implementation of the procedures and protocols of production to attain the pre-planned goal. The Project Management team also motivates the entire production team towards better productivity of workforce.

Every project, especially big-budget projects with huge investments, needs careful planning to meet the objectives. The planning in itself requires knowledge of the overall process of production, as careful assessment is mandatory for cost-effective production, while honoring the pre-conceived production constraints; the constraints being scope, time, budget and quality.

Ensuring the proper implementation of the plan and the right communication of plan between different sectors of the organization to coordinate activities between them is also the responsibility of the Project Management Professionals. This is the reason why governmental as well as commercial organizations prefer trained professionals with certification, who has knowledge of the standardized and evolving set of project management principles.

MISP’s certification program

Various training institutes are now offering certification courses for those enthusiastic about Project Management profession. Dubai, one of the most prominent business hubs where multi-million dollar projects are launched every day, has a number of institutes offering Project Management courses accredited by Project Management Institute, USA. A benefiting factor for working professionals intend on Project Management Certification is that these certification training can be received through classroom courses as well as online courses. A motivational fact is that, a survey in Dubai shows that certified Project Managers earn 25% more income than their non-certified counterparts.

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