ITIL certifications critical for universal recognition and career growth

Posted on January 30th, 2015 by blogger

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Certifications are essential to survive in a competitive job market. If a question is posed, “How to improve IT services, reduce costs and increase ROI?”, there is sure shot way to give results by adopting ITIL best practices. ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a framework of service strategy, design, transition, operation and continual service improvement for IT service management. This framework is adopted by IT organizations globally.

‘Maximize ROI’ is the buzzword of businesses. They focus on cost reduction without compromising process quality. A comprehensive course will enable one to help organization reduce IT cost by following best practices, ensure process oriented delivery, reduces cost, aligns business services and products etc. ITIL certifications has the credibility all over the world in providing best results.

ITIL Foundation course provides knowledge on basic aspects, concepts and terminologies of ITIL service lifecycle. A foundation training throws light on linkages between lifecycle stages. ITIL Foundation is a stepping stone to pursue advanced courses in ITIL. In the exam 40 questions will be asked where one has to score 65% of marks minimum.

After the foundation course, one can try expert level courses like ITIL V2 and V3 courses. ITIL V2 is the intermediate level certification whereas ITIL V3 is the expert level certification. ITIL V3 is a manager level course in an IT organization. The expert certifications increases the credentials of a person to meet challenges for delivering affordable, effective IT solutions. In the face of more data coming through IT channels, there is a challenge to simplify data management process that can contribute to overall efficiency. On the data management front, ITIL management simplifies data collection and distribution following a standard methodology.

More and more companies are understanding the effectiveness of ITIL management. Therefore there is a spurt in demand for ITIL professionals across industries. Today companies want to stay ahead in competition by enhancing quality to retain customers and reduce costs to boost business bottom-line. It is the very gap ITIL fills.

An ITIL certified professional understands the pulse of other ITIL professional in another part of the world therefore communication process is simple. This indicates the job satisfaction that awaits in ITIL professional by working alongside in a global environment.

ITIL certification makes most of:

Network and System Administrator
Program Manager
Database administrators
Business Analysts
Network engineers
Hardware engineers

It is nothing that your marketability that sustain your jobs. Therefore, it makes sense to go for a certification – foundation or expert level. If you are on job search in Dubai, there are reputed institutions providing training and certification. An ideal opportunity for you to build and cement a career in a global hub.

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