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Posted on February 5th, 2015 by blogger

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When there is a need to keep focussed individually or collectively the word ‘attention’ comes into picture. Attention management is all about focussing attention on important things simultaneously avoiding all sorts of distractions.

Attention management can be discerned in all walks of life. Certain important jobs require focussed attention to complete the task in time. This is pertinent in an individual setting. In collective settings, a trainer has to sell his point to a large audience ensuring their attention to his presentation. Another example for this is flashing billboards trying to catch the attention of those who wait in bus or rail platforms. Here, an attractive and catchy content flashes animatedly, graphics accompany the content with lights to catch the attention.

Had attention management or controlling attention been easy, manufacturers would have cleared their stock in no time. The likeliest question that emerges here is ‘why?’ they could not do. The answer lies in distraction. To understand more on this, one should know about distractions make minds wander. Thoughts of diverse things, it may be – things they have to do, eat food, nature calls, handling requests in personal relationship, other priorities take control over attention.

Are distractions attention spoilers? To keep distractions at bay, what one should do? First of all, we should get an awareness of distractions. Let us call it ‘distraction awareness’. Distraction awareness is vital to develop a focussed attention. Distraction awareness will help us to have a strategy for distraction management. A planned distraction management strategy leads to distraction awareness, distraction awareness leads to distraction elimination and the end result will be attention management. Since attention management and distraction management have the same effect, it is more or less the same.

Indeed, attention is required to set priorities, understanding communication, resolving queries, providing strategies, giving direction et al. Focussed attention is required to prevent accidents, avoiding follies, learning from mistakes etc. Attention will take your career to a more advanced level. Lack of attention will lead to chaos and downfall be it in personal or professional lives. Because of these stronger reasons, one should understand the importance of attention management.

Success attention management makes one an effective leader. This can be gauged from the illustration of Dwight D. Eisenhower post war U.S. Prez who developed a quadrant method for attention management. In the quadrant method, he used to set tasks in four categories viz. do, dump, delegate and defer. Popularly known as 4Ds, this method is being applied by successful executives globally.
The important thing one is required to identify is when you manage attention, you are managing yourself. Managing oneself can unlock his full potential.
Attention management is required to develop human resources. Focussed attention results in identifying the talents. Each one is created unique by God. Some are studious, others are

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