Microsoft Office 2010 Opens Floodgates of Opportunities in UAE

Posted on January 30th, 2015 by blogger

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If you are looking for office productivity boost through creating docs, slide show presentations, spreadsheets, publications, and sending mails Microsoft Office 2010 is the most ideal and user friendly package. This package comes with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, and Access.

Graphical options like background removal tool, open type typographic feature, search feature for social networking services like LinkedIn, and Quick step feature are highly useful for those who work more with graphics. It has to bear in mind that graphics play a key role in communications. The term infographics is all about combining information and graphics.

Besides, new paste button with live preview, enhanced media editing features, enhanced navigation and search tools, co-authoring capabilities, visualization tools in Excel, centralized access to save, print, share and publish buttons that replaces traditional file menu, features like taking notes while working in PowerPoint and Word etc., makes this MS Office 2010 package highly sought after by employers. MS Office 2010 Basics training gives a fair knowledge on the above mentioned features. Corporates demand training in user friendly software like Microsoft Office 2010 which comes with many added features. Comparing to the previous version Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010 has additional features like enhanced keyboard shortcuts which gives freedom from more mouse clicks.
According to latest Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Job Index Survey February
2014, companies in the UAE would primarily seek out:
● Sales managers (19%)
● Customer service representatives (15%)
● Human resources professionals (14%)
● Project managers (14%)
● Executive assistants (14%).
Verticals like Engineering, Information Technology, Finance, Accounting, Construction, Hospitality, Health-care, Administration, Management, Sales, and Marketing all require Office packages for their backend operations. MS Office 2010 is considered as highly user friendly and effective in office productivity and getting better end results. Viewed from this context, MS Office throws up thousands of opportunities across UAE which is a world class industry hub. Microsoft Office 2010 Basics Certification enables students and executives to be competitive office production. Such certifications courses are available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Around the world, millions use MS Office application tool. Thousands of jobs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai await those who undergo Microsoft Office 2010 basic training. It is all about building a
career in desired verticals.

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