Microsoft Project 2010 Basics: Why You Need to Say Yes to the Training

Posted on October 2nd, 2015 by blogger

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Is there a way of delivering winning assignments in an organisation, always? Sure, there is. It’s called Microsoft Project. In fact, if you are indulging in Project Management, you will have to learn this software without failing.

And how do you do it? – By taking up a special course!

Attending a training program in Microsoft Project 2010 Basics helps you gather knowledge about the fundamentals associated with different areas of business administration, including project analysis, cost control, and resource management. The course is designed in a very user-friendly way so that professionals can easily learn how to handle assignments effortlessly.

What should the tutorial teach professionals about?

The program should begin with a brief introduction to the software. The workshop objectives must be specified and students should learn how to open and close the software. They should get familiar with the interface and understand how to use the Backstage View.

Again, they must also be comfortable with creating and saving projects, implementing templates, and closing files. During the course, a student will also learn how to enter Start Date and set Calendar, specify Holidays, and define Units of Time.

He will also be taught how to view tasks and add notes to them. He will be frequented with the key terms and indicators of tasks. He will learn how to check errors, too. Automatic and manual scheduling, creating summary and recurring tasks, changing their order, and deleting and splitting them will also be part of the coursework.

A course of Microsoft Project 2010 Basics should also include lessons on task listing, unlinking, relationships, and the concept of lags and leads. Every student has to learn about setting deadlines and constraints, working with resources, assigning them, and grasping the link between work, units, and duration.

What are the benefits?

The coursework will prepare you for a proper understanding of the software. You will be fluent with using it for different organisational tasks. The accreditation that is offered at the end of the session can enhance your career prospects.

Besides making project management easier, the course can present you as a professional, who is promising for challenging, analytical roles. You can also expect a good hike in your salary. So many reasons to take up the certification course today, don’t you think?


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