OHSAS 18001: Audit Occupational Health and Safety Management Programs Like a Pro

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A HEALTHY WORKPLACE is perhaps the most important aspect of an organisation.

Taking care of an employee’s physical ailment or a psychological trauma, untangling an environmental complication or advocating a good health practice – everything requires a comprehensive approach via certain programs, policies and actions.

Workplace health revolves around three major aspects:

  • Occupational health and safety programs, which deal with illness and injuries, and dismisses hazards.
  • Conventional health promotional programs, for motivating overall health and wellness.
  • Organisational health management programs, which involve strategies to bring about cultured relationships amongst employees to boost morale and productivity.

OHSAS 18001 Certified Auditor Online Certification in dubai

Enter OHSAS 18001.

It is an internationally applied British Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. This specification assists organisations to execute a healthy workplace along with safety programs for the workforce.

But, is it as simple as it sounds? If yes, then, why do we have the maestros of it, handling the programs? Why can’t a nonprofessional do it with as much dexterity as a professional?

Why taking up the training is so important?

Well, the fact it that, to be a pro, one needs to develop the necessary expertise and become an 18001 certified auditor Only after the successful completion of such a training session can a layman manage the wide application of audit principle, processes and techniques.

During this session, a participant will be introduced to the required knowledge and techniques to appropriately plan and execute internal and external audits. He will be taught how to audit programs, manage teams, communicate with customers and clients, and resolve conflicts.

The Internet is helping in so many ways. Choose an OHSAS 18001 online certification course to refine your skills today!

Who should step forward for this course?

If you are looking for an introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems 18001, or, wholeheartedly into designing, implementing and managing workplace health programs in an organisation, you should definitely come forward and take up this course.

Additionally, those who are expert advisers in Health & Safety, and want to polish their skills for audit management performance should also consider getting themselves trained.

What are the topic areas?

The first set of lessons will begin with an introduction to the OHSAS 18000 Series. Training in Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems will follow next, along with an explanation about its importance in an organisation.

You will then be introduced to OHSAS 18001 and explained about the benefits of implementing these specifications over ISO 9001 or 14001. The first lesson will end with a note on the integration of the two specifications.

The second set will speak about the general requirements and policies, how to plan for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control. Legal requirements will also be explained along with objectives.

You will be taught how to responsibly structure, implement and operate management programs, and handle training, awareness and competence. Techniques of consultation, communication, related documentation, data control and operational control will follow.

You will also learn how to prepare for emergencies and respond to such situations, how to measure performance and monitor the same, how to prevent and tackle accidents, incidents and non-conformance, how to manage records, and lastly, how to audit and review management.

How is OHSAS helpful?

These systems promote a safe work atmosphere by building a framework for:

  • Identification and control of  health risks.
  • Minimising of accidental injuries.
  • Improvement in the overall productivity of an organisation.

As a practitioner, you have a god-sent chance to assist individuals and organisations to look forward to a healthier working ambiance. Don’t miss it. Grab your golden opportunity and audit Occupational Health and Safety Management Programs like a pro!

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