Opportunities in construction field through OSHA construction training

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Construction sector worldwide is offering lot of opportunities for aspiring professionals. Construction workers are exposed to accidents, prone to biological and chemical hazards. This poses threat to occupational safety to the workers, concern for employers as well as the government. If accidents or risk take place in construction it gives bad reputation to infra companies. Therefore employers are also coming forward to be compliant with OSHA standards.

Risk Analysis

A sizeable chunk of construction professionals admit they undergo health hazards, accidents, risks etc. Masons, helpers, foreman, painters, forklift workers, crane operators, engineers require occupational safety. They require information on prevention measures. The purpose of an OSHA construction course is to train workers on their rights protected under OSHA and what employers are supposed to provide them for their occupational safety.

Machine related injuries take its heavy toll in construction industry as it employes machines that may crush, bruise or cut body. Machine related deaths are common place in construction industry that demands occupational safety measures.

Besides, unethical practices like misleading job contracts, employing people in vulnerable working conditions without giving adequate protection or security, long working hours as well as intense work pressure that take a toll on workers psychological health.

In this backdrop, OSHA throws light on major hazards like electrocution hazards, health hazards, tool hazards, crane hazards, hazards accruing from vehicles, mechanized equipments, steel erection hazards, concrete and masonry hazards etc. Health issues like repetitive motion disorders (RMD), musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) are addressed by OSHA. Besides the role of various personnel in mitigating risks and reducing hazards too find mention in OSHA . Five years experience in construction industry qualifies one to pursue this course.

How to derive maximum benefit through OSHA construction training?

Construction workers like forklift operators, crane operators, supervisors, safety professionals will learn the use of visual aids, prepare reports, OSHA construction standards, guidelines, and hazard reduction methods. A good certification course will have content on safety health program, electrical hazards, fall protection, crane hazards, handling equipments, excavations etc. Hazard communication, OSHA record keeping will enable a construction professional to work according to global standards.

Besides, OSHA certification course will provide training on scaffolding and trenching, cranes and rigging, steel erection, ladders and stairways, tools and welding, working on surfaces etc.

OSHA Career

Experienced professional fetch $98,000 annually. Construction is a booming industry and OSHA construction professionals are in great demand. In cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are career opportunities as well as number of institutes that give professional certification trainings in this field. Choose a reputed institute and have a fledgling career as OSHA construction professional.

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