PMP Certification Exam Prepping Tips for Hardcore Travellers

Posted on August 12th, 2015 by blogger

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Does your job need you to travel a lot? Do you get frequent transfer calls or have to move places to attend client meetings and conferences? And, does it so happen that you never make time to give your resume a competitive edge?

If you have such a position of employment, which demands you to backpack and globetrot often, you are living an uncertain life. And, it is well understood that decking up your professional portfolio with accreditations and credentials is a far cry.

But, somehow, somewhere, hope is still alive.

Yes, even in the midst of such hectic, energy draining schedules, you can always find time to prepare for a Project Management Professional accreditation examination. Want to know how?

The most crucial step – how to plan the study regime:

Deciding that you want a PMP certification is easy. However, working for it is not. You need to ask yourself why exactly you want to get certified in the first place. Once you have an answer to this, here’s what you can do:

  • Jot down a prepping schedule according to the time duration of the training and your professional routine.
  • This schedule must have gaps for the everyday events of your life, too, like the time required for travelling, etc.
  • Based on these aspects, you can set specific goals, like completing a chapter in a single day, or getting the hang of a few novel concepts instead.
  • Find a suitable spot to pursue your studies. You should be adaptable to all places, including your home, a waiting room, your seat in the train or aeroplane, a room in a hotel, or even a crowded restaurant.
  • Remember to take a self test amidst studies to assess the standard of your exam preparation.
  • Most of all, stick to this plan because it is very easy to lose interest. Avoid distractions like spending long hours on social networking sites, or watching the latest episode of your favourite series just because you have time.

The second step is to join an online training program:

Because offline coaching for the exam is not possible for frequent travellers, the best bet is to opt for a PMP certification course online. Such programs assist students in organising a strategy for the big preparation.

When you choose to learn Project Management Professional online, you will be provided extra study materials and exam simulators that help in better preparation. The tutorials will come in packages and the program will be highlighted in a variety of modules.

These materials can be downloaded onto a laptop or smartphone and revised wherever and whenever you wish to! You will learn how to increase your visibility within your organisation and become a valuable part of the same.

The courses also offer applied training along with group exercises and industry-specific case studies. Cracking the test is guaranteed, and there are free retakes of the classes if this fails to happen.

Finally, it’s your hard work and perseverance, which will do the magic:

No matter how restless your professional and personal life is, if you remain headstrong about acquiring the credential, nothing in the world can stop you. Like a great soul once said, “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Yes, you need a well chalked out study regime. But, nothing can substitute dedication, hard work, and strong will. So, traveller, it’s time to understand the need of a powerful resume and work toward it wholeheartedly. Realise your dreams first. Tours can wait.


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