PMP Certification: Why Do Clients Need Accredited Project Managers So Badly?

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Do clients need certified Project Managers? Or, do they need Managers at all? – Here’s a debate which is often hot in every organisation. Inclusion of accredited professional in a project, especially, on the client side, demands justification. So, let’s provide the rationale.

The credentials are like an assurance of peace of mind.

A Project Manager, who has acquired a PMP certification in Dubai, can manage the financial investment of a stakeholder more efficiency. He will see to it that all the schedules for the same are followed, issues identified, and risk minimised.

This person is always an able communicator who can convey the project challenges to the client regularly. His training enables him to supervise the investment so that the results are delivered on time and within budget.

The Project Manager is also the one who ensures that only quality results are delivered. In short, he is like a breather for the stakeholders and clients. Without him, the risks of a project failure would surely surface. There could also be instances of budget overruns and management crisis when the PMP in Dubai is missing from your project.

When you have an accredited Project Manager, the job roles are defined.

A project requires a number of teams to take it to completion. Let’s say an assignment reaches an IT firm. There would be coders coding and designers designing it. And then, there will be project managers looking into the entire work.

Now, if these job roles are jumbled, would the assignment ever be accomplished, let alone it successfully delivery? However, when there’s an accredited professional handling the project, the client can rest assured that the roles will remain defined always.

This person will be responsible for assigning tasks, and he will do it to perfection, because he has been trained to understand the division of labour all throughout the PMP courses in Dubai he attended.

The probability of success rises when a project is handled by an expert.

Unless there’s an accredited Project Manager assigned, a project is probably being run by a team of naive employees. The moment the former is appointed, the chances of success increase. Take up any statistics you want. You will always find reports of projects faring better with these professionals than without.

Isn’t this professional the SPOC for the clients?

SPOC stands for single point of contact – exactly what a Project Manager means for a client. He is the one who can speak the business language and explain to the client how the project is doing. This is because the PMP course in Abu Dhabi that he attended has strengthened his skills and business vocabulary.

He is like a translator who can simplify the jargon in an intelligible way. In fact, he could also behave as the mediator between the client and the technical team. Reversely, he is also the one who can easily understand the needs of the client and direct his team accordingly.

Thus, he can save the client from confusions regarding the right person to approach for queries. Imagine the latter running after the coders to know about the coding bit, or the designers to learn about the designing part.

Wouldn’t it get utterly technical and become chaotic in the long run? Well, this is where the worth of the accredited professional can be felt deeply.

Okay, the success of a project is all about putting the right kind of people to work. And, you cannot do it without accredited Project Managers. They add value to the assignment because they are the very epitome of organised processes.

Hope the next debate amongst the clients is about the type of Project Manager they need to hire. Of course, all you PMPs could just begin your preparation for the same, what say?

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