PMP Certified Professionals: 7 Reasons Why Companies Are Hiring Them

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There are Project Managers, and then, there are PMP-certified Project Managers.

This prestigious accreditation is the most sought-after thing in the global job market now. It is an attestation to the fact that a manager is competent enough to handle projects in an organisation. It is like a ticket to better salaries and stronger job designations.

And, most interestingly, accredited professionals are highly preferred by most companies. The question is, WHY?

But, before we plunge directly into the reasons, let’s take a look at some statistical data.

According to a prediction made by the Project Management Institute (PMI), there shall be over 15.7 million project management job roles created worldwide across seven industries, namely, business services, finance and insurance, construction, oil and gas, information systems, manufacturing, and utilities, by 2020.

Given that the United Arab Emirates is already booming in the oil and natural gas industry, and emerging as a leader in other industries like construction, manufacturing, information technology and finance, too, a PMP certification has become part and parcel of every organisation in the country.

This massive employment growth accompanied by handsome salaries, definitely suggests that it is the right time to start polishing your project management skills. Potential employers are hunting for such proficiency. And, here is why they are hiring certified professionals:

Reason #1: Such professionals have the required skill set to direct, lead and manage projects:

To become a certified Project Manager, an individual needs to successfully complete a PMP course in Dubai, and passed the exam with flying colours.

This accreditation equips him with the needed management skills, which makes him stay one step ahead of a general project manager. He is more productive at work, and an employee of value to the organisation.

Reason #2: They have a better hold over the subject matter and benefit the company immensely:

When a company hires a trained project manager, it introduces to the organisation, his vast knowledge base. This, in turn, is useful for laying a strong foundation within the company, which can bless the present and future projects with success.

Thus, a PMP certification in Dubai can earn you a prestigious position in an organisation, and let you have a command over its operations.

Reason #3: They are better in every way at handling projects:

Because the accreditation instills very high standards of expertise and knowledge into a Project Manager, he incorporates novel concepts and makes use of better practices to direct projects. This endeavour is more effective than that of a regular manager.

Thus, a project thrives and excels in a wonderful way, runs without any glitch, and is absolutely completed within the constraints of budget and time.

Reason #4: They provide Earned Value Management to the company:

Anybody who has attended a PMP course in Dubai will know this. Earned Value Management (EVM) is a technique, which is used for the purpose of assessing project performance and progress based on facts.

This technique is followed to bring about and maintain a balance between the requirements of the project stakeholders and that of the resources. It is aimed at achieving reconciliation between opposing views and differing priorities.

Reason #5: They are the holders of a globally acknowledged certification:

Because this accreditation is recognised worldwide, the professionals who have it are automatically placed in a prestigious position in the project management community. Nil will be the number of companies who do not want to hire such efficient employees.

By the way, did you know that a number of Fortune 1000 companies have made a PMP Course compulsory for the project managers they hire?

Reason #6: They communicate with clients better than anybody else:

A trained and certified professional is better at client handling than a non-certified professional. He is armoured with more efficacious management skills, and thus, is the most apt person to gain clients’ trust. And, doesn’t a satisfied clientele mean a world to a company?

Reason #7: They are commitment personified:

A training session demands you to dedicate a lot of time and work really hard. This is proof enough that you are highly committed to your job, and desire to succeed in the project management area of expertise.

He can be a lifetime investment for an organisation, provided he takes his accreditation through his career. And this is exactly what an employer wants to see in the candidate he is going to hire.

Your take-home message:

Out of the entire project manager jobs posted worldwide, a lion’s share looks for certified professionals. Achieving the accreditation, however, is not a cake walk. You have to be patient and prepare thoroughly for the exam.

Prestige is one reason, and salary is another. But, the most important reason is the wish to give your skills a boost. So, are you ready for those finicky employers out there? Think again.

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