Ponder Time: Why Attending an ISO Lead Auditor Course is so Important

Posted on August 3rd, 2015 by blogger

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The question is still an arguable one.

Indeed, there has been a lot of confusion regarding why professionals should go for a formal training as such. However, if you consider the competitive market out there, you will observe how this is the most easily and publicly available training that provides its participants with an in-depth knowledge about the ISO subject matter.


Once you have completed a Lead Auditor course in Abu Dhabi, you will come out an expert driven by a high level of understanding. You will be able to interpret standards, and apply them accordingly. You will learn how to perform audits, including planning, reviewing documents, scheduling audits, and preparing reports.

When you have the required expertise, you will be able to handle ISO projects more efficiently and improve the existing management system in your organisation. Yes, you will definitely be committed to the right level of training. And, the accreditation will help you meet up to your company’s expectations more efficaciously.

It’s about going with the flow!

Many will argue against the necessity of a formal course to qualify for handling ISO projects. However, you should know that there are a number of organisations that put their trust in ‘certified’ professionals more than in non-certified ones. In other words, if you cannot remain competent, there’s no way you will ever get noticed in the already overflowing industry.

The biggest advantage? Well, the certification itself!

Yes, an accredited Lead Auditor (LA) has an edge over others because of his accreditation. Of course, you must expose yourself to a good, smart training program to come out the best. You have to ensure that the course covers the entire essential curriculum without cutting corners.

Did you know you’ll be entitled to a very important designation?

Because you are an LA, know that you will be the one leading a team of auditors. This is a very important job role in an organisation. You will be expected to exhibit your skills to your team and strengthen the know-how of the members, too. The following will be included in your job duties:

  • Selecting your own team based on experience and competence.
  • Planning logistics – audit venues, timings, commuting arrangements, et cetera.
  • Planning the scope and agenda of an audit.
  • Allocating responsibilities to team members.
  • Managing the entire process, including opening and closing of client meetings.
  • Participating in discussions and establishing your team’s findings.
  • Directing the team to follow trends and trails wherever and whenever necessary.
  • Coming to conclusions and communicating to the client.
  • Agreeing upon an action plan which is in accordance with the client.
  • Acting as a point of liaison with the client throughout the audit and even after that.
  • Being in charge of the entire audit.

This is a big responsibility, which can be comprehended in its entirety only when you undergo a formal training. The session is worthwhile if you wish to lead an auditors’ team in future. Hope this is reason enough to help you clear your doubts and confusions


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