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Introducing the Primavera p6 training Abu Dhabi and Dubai in UAE

If you have Professional Project Management () in mind, you surely have heard about Oracle’s Primavera P6. It’s an awesome software, which is entirely about project management and administration.

This software is extensively used worldwide by project planners, managers, engineers, and practically anyone, who is associated with ideating, mediating, executing and reporting different projects.

The program has been accepted as a gold standard of planning application, ideal for multidisciplinary tasks. From aerospace engineering to plastic moulding, electronics to Information Technology, telecom networks to construction companies, military to federal agencies, this software, based on a client-server model, has found its usefulness in diverse fields.

The software is not just for the big players:

Even if you are managing a shoestring-budget, project engulfed business, you might still have to rack your brains about the global foothold of your company. Yes, you would wish to consider an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management software. But, the intricacy of the process and its high cost will hold you back.

primavera p6 project management training course in abu dhabi, dubai and UAE

This is where a devotedly done session of Primavera P6 training in Abu Dhabi helps. This software is an easy solution to have robust project management without putting in a lot of investment. It assists in untiringly supervising the wellness of your company, also providing alerts for profit margin bleeding.

Who are the ideal candidates for the course?

The software must be learnt under professional guidance by:

  • All paid players of project management.
  • Engineers, management degree holders, and any student from humanities stream.
  • Aspirants who wish to enter into project management.

A general idea about the curriculum:

An instructor-mediated Primavera P6 training in Dubai will basically teach you about project planning and control using the software. The session will begin with an introduction to the different levels of creating a project plan. Level 1 will encompass planning a project without resources, Level 2 about monitoring its progress without resources, Level 3 about scheduling with resources, roles and budgets, and lastly, Level 4 about supervising and controlling a resourced schedule.

You will be taught how to start the program and navigate within it, how to create a new project, define calendars, create a work breakdown structure (WBS), add activities, organise them under WBS, format the display, add relationships, and view activity network.

The next phase of the session will deal with the constraints, filters, groups, sorts, layouts, printing, reports, progress tracks, user and admin preferences, role creation, resource creation, role, resource and expense assigning, resource optimisation, how to use a resourced schedule, alternative ways of data organising, global change, how to manage enterprise environment, multi-project scheduling, utilities, and lastly, the latest updates in the software.

What are the benefits of learning the software?

  • A course in Dubai will help you learn about all the functionalities of the program, which, in turn, will enable you to structure specified management planning. You will be introduced to a plethora of options, including elaborate earned value, user-friendly baseline management tools and integrated reporting facilities.
  • The software also offers an in-built progress reporting option, which is unavailable in most other management programs.
  • It opens the doors to 100,000 activities, along with an inexhaustible stock of target plans, resources, baselines, layouts, and activity codes, all global, project-oriented or user-oriented.
  • The database of the software can hold an endless number of projects, which makes it ideal for every kind of project.
  • It is flexible in the sense that it allows sorting, filtering, and selection in a number of ways.
  • It reduces the risk of and the expenses incurred in schedule overrun.
  • It also complies with the critical path method (CPM) algorithm to provide tools for realistic and detailed management schedules.
  • It also allows access to GANNT barchart layouts, PERT layouts, histograms, S-curves, Trace Logic and Project Resource Loading Reports.
  • The biggest benefit is, the software allows a centralised database so that multiple users can work together on one project simultaneously. The program exists both as a standalone and as a multi-user entity.

So, no matter what your field of technical expertise is, taking up a Primavera P6 course in UAE is only going to benefit you immensely. And, the story doesn’t end here. Once you are done with the session, you will be introduced to better career openings and opportunities.

Who knows, you might even find a better job, a stronger designation and a higher salary! Take up P6 today and shine on.

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