Primavera P6 Training: What to NOT Do While Building a Project Schedule

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Building a project schedule in Primavera P6 is never a cake walk. It can be lengthy and flawed if you don’t apply the best methods. Below is a list of all the bad practices that are often carried out leading to faulty project scheduling.

  • Leaving half of the activities un-linked.

This is like indulging in an online chat without connecting to the Internet. Your purpose isn’t served. Similarly, when a project schedule has a hundred activities with half of them un-linked it isn’t going to make sense.

Understand the concept; the schedule is a pile of tasks connected with each other in an organised way. If the connection is missing, accuracy in results cannot be achieved. So, never leave an activity in the schedule un-linked.

  • Not worrying about the milestones.

If you take up a Primavera P6 training in Abu Dhabi, you will learn that milestones in a project schedule are the aspects that highlight major deadlines. If they are missing, a viewer might get confused about the entire schedule.

Also, milestones are required to get an idea of the deliverables, the onset of the project and the end of it. So, never forget to specify the dates that mark ‘Start Milestone’ and ‘Finish Milestone’ in your project schedule when you are using the software.

  • Using too many abbreviations.

While ‘ASCMAC’ may make sense to you, the client may fail to understand that it stands for Aluminised Corrugated Steel Metal Arch Culvert. Yes, such one-word endeavours can cringe out your clients and project stakeholders.

Of course you don’t want to type the entire term over and over again. A trick is to use the ‘Find and Replace’ feature the software provides.

These are only a few of the ‘dont’s’ you need to follow while scheduling a project using Primavera P6. There are a million more. We’ll come back with a few more points in the next instalment of this write-up.

Till then, consider taking up the course and learning the right way to schedule projects. All the best!

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