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Project management seems so easy. You imagine that you just have to set a deadline, decide an estimated budget, select the right people and the project gets done.

But the reality is not the same. It is rarely straightforward. There are incidents where wrong people are assigned to the projects, the estimation of budget goes wrong, and the result is a failed project. Especially in UAE, people do not know much about the importance of having a proper project management.

Conflicting information can cause a bad management. Proper training is needed for a person to get a good overall project management task.

The United Arab Emirates has $690 Billion worth of infra-structure projects on hand according to a study of 2014. As such Project Managers are in rage to make certain these projects are conducted professionally, to the highest standards of excellence and security, punctually and within funds.

If this is the dare you want to take on, now is the time to go into project management career options. It is certainly beneficial for the students if they start getting the training of project management as there is huge scope of a bright career in this field in UAE.

Know Some Interesting Facts About Project Management Careers In UAE:

  • # 80% of the high-performing projects are delivered by certified project managers. That means if you want to have a career in this field, you have to be certified. Most of the big projects always demand proficient hands to be handled. Getting Project Management Training Courses in Abu Dhabi is rightly a profitable option for the beginners.
  • # According to ESI International “there are not enough project managers to go around”. So you can imagine the demand of the post. If you get a good training and certification, you also have a chance to work with the International ESI process. It is certainly a big opportunity for you.
  • # As the UAE has $690 Billion and above of infra-structure projects planned from the year 2013, now the demand of professional project managers in those fields is high. It can be a thing of great commercial success in UAE if they can create a good team of professional project managers.

You Can Work With The Top Companies That Are Hiring Many Project Managers For Their Process:

  • # AECOM
  • # ALSTOM
  • # CH2MHILL
  • # DEWA
  • # Jumeirah

Apart from these big companies, there are innumerable renowned agencies, which are in need of professional project managers.

Salaries (in Dirham) for Certified Project Managers in Different Professional Sectors of UAE:

  • # IT & Technology- 18K
  • # Healthcare- 23K
  • # Oil and Gas- 29K
  • # Complex Projects- 33K
  • # Roads- 40K
  • # Five Star Hotels- 40K
  • # Airlines- 47K

So, you can choose this field to have a bright future. Get started with Project Management Training Courses and Certification in Dubai and achieve your goal.


All the data and information that are described here are according to a survey of PWC, The National, ESI International,, and Robert Half on October 2013. Now the statistics may have little changes.

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