Scrum Master Certification – Prospects and Scope

Posted on January 21st, 2015 by blogger

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To complete projects, IT professionals employ frameworks. Scrum is an Agile framework for executing software development projects using methodologies like iterative development, selfmanagement, and visibility.

Owing to deadline commitments, clients pressurize IT service providers to meet unforeseen requirements in an unplanned manner. As emergence of such unexpected challenges cannot be addressed easily, product development gets hindered. This unforeseen requirements scenario is referred to as ‘requirements churn’ which require a methodology to deal with. Scrum is a methodology that recognizes ‘requirements churn’ by adopting an experimental or observational approach for testing. This experimental/observational approach is known as empirical approach to ensure better end result. Scrum decreases the project risk by teaching the team to break the product vision into short focused work slices which is also referred to as user stories. This empowers the team to complete the work in short sprints/iterations (read repetition of process).

A scrum master is the person who acts as facilitator in a product development team by using scrum methodology. He ensures scrum methodology is well implemented in the team.To become a scrum master, one should take a ‘Certified Scrum Master’ course from a Certified Scrum Trainer. It is a two day training on scrum practices, scrum roles, sprint planning and tracking, release planning, and scrum meetings. After gaining knowledge on the same, one should write an online test where he has to give correct answers to 25 out of 35 questions. Once passed, he/she can go for License Agreement and complete his membership for Scrum Alliance.

In the IT industry, scrum certification is highly valued in terms of position as well as salary. Certified Scrum Master can work as program manager, Agile consultant, product owner etc.that can fetch INR 1,179,426 annually. In U.S. it is $107,000 per annum.In UAE, certified scrum masters having experience in delivering agile projects in compliance with the best practices are highly required. Scrum masters having five years of experience can fetch 1-5 m AED annually. Since opportunities are plenty, IT executives who wants to get training in Scrum can enroll themselves for Certified Scrum Master certification program in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. This will surely elevate their career in the IT industry.

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