Supply Chain Management Certification: Why Businesses Stand in Need of It

Posted on September 1st, 2015 by blogger

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The concept of Supply Chain Management (SCM) is based on the fact that a product, which travels from the manufacturing unit to the end user, bespeaks the combined effort of all the units that are involved in its creation. As a matter of fact, SCM exists from the very onset of a business, by default.

But, why the big hue and cry about SCM?

Well, that’s because every company wishes to expand its empire around the entire planet indulging in effective production, cost cutting and building a vast clientele. And, only with worthwhile Supply Chain Management can it boost its work efficiency, thereby enabling the seamless, flawless and on-time supply of products to its customers.

It’s more than just about good business. It’s about customer satisfaction!

The last person standing in the chain is the customer. He marks the end of the process and indirectly directs the product that is being manufactured. In other words, from the material structure to its analytics and demand, everything is customer-centric.

On the business front, a delay in delivery, or a requirement left unattended can have a negative impact on an organisation. This is why experts are needed to manage the SCM.

The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

In other words, every component and every aspect have a vital role to play in SCM. One fails and the entire process collapses. This must be considered in every organisation to manage the smooth delivery of its manufactured products.

Moreover, it is wrong to think that SCM never affects the bottom line of a business. It helps in cutting costs by making product delivery speedy and efficient. In short, it enables the movement of a product within the shortest span of time and least amount of finances possible.

Of course, a dire strait can crop up expectedly or unexpectedly. The organisation has to be ever vigilant for such crisis. Also, it should be able to adapt to market changes effortlessly.

SCM is not a process, which you initiate and leave it to function on its own. It has to be continuously maintained and taken care of. After all, it’s the sole responsibility of the organisation to meet up to the expectations of customers. Always.

Why a certification matters?

If you are a professional dealing with SCM, it’s an opportunity to take your knowledge to the next level with a certification. Your accredited designation will earn you greater respect within your organisation.

And, did you know you are more marketable if you are a certified professional in Supply Chain Management? You could be in a position where you can earn 23% more salary than your colleagues.

This globally recognised accreditation gives you great personal satisfaction, too. The moment you contemplate of putting in an effort to acquire the certification is the moment you show your unquestionable dedication to the profession.

It’s your commitment toward excellence. It’s a challenge you have taken up to prevail over your subject. Are you ready to face it?


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