Supply Chain Management Training Course and Salary Trends in Abu Dhabi

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2015 has been a promising year for the Supply Chain industry in the UAE. The economy has undergone rapid changes. There has been a lot of mergers and acquisitions of service providers and every company, small or big, is looking up to the next generation of talents to work in the field.

What’s up with the hiring trend?

As more and more opportunities of supply chain management training course in Abu Dhabi have come up, the talent pool is getting well over. Hiring trends are changing fast, too. The region is becoming a hub of employment. Organisations are hunting for certified professionals who are not only academically qualified, but fit in the practical space, as well.

Rising demands in oil and gas, and the construction industry are driving this hiring spree. In fact, according to Morgan McKinley, the professional service recruitment consultancy, ‘the UAE is putting in billions’ in this sector.

And, along with it has been much development in the airports, economic zones, and maritime ports like the Dubai World Central, the Kizad or the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi, and the Khalifa Port, boosting more business in the said field.

Further, service chain is becoming more important than product chain and so is the reporting of corporate externalities. Therefore, organisations are looking for knowledgeable professionals, who can handle the operations with more efficiency.

What about the availability of talent?

Experience of employees is something, which is being excessively stressed on in all the gulf continents. Every organisation is trying to reduce the cost of delivery and the time of shipping of products. Therefore, the scope of employment in the regions is very high. However, certification is a criterion, which cannot be overlooked.

Salary trends for the professional according to their designations:

A Supply Chain Director of 0-3 years of earns about 31,000 – 40,000 AED per month. This amount can range from 40,000 to 83,000 AED per month with an experience of 3-8 years and more. Similarly, a Manager of the said field an earn anywhere from 23,000 to 63,000 AED per month depending on this experience.

The salary range for Demand and Supply Planning professionals is 14,000 – 31,500 AED per month that varies with the years of work life varying from 0-8 years. Typically, a professional with this designation does not go beyond 8 years; he usually shifts role. Likewise, a Material Manager earns from 16,000 to 36,500 AED per month.

A Procurement Director is the highest salaried professional of this field. His starting salary is 36,500 AED per month with an experience of zero years. This can go up to 93,000 AED per month with a work experience of more than eight years.

These apart, there are other job roles like Procurement Manager, Category Manager, Buyer, General Manager, Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, Warehouse Manager, Senior Contracts Engineer, Bid Manager, and Trade Compliance Manager, who can also have a good hike in their earning if they acquire the certification.

Indeed, a company is counting on skilled professionals in the field of supply chain for successful business growth. Are you interested in this challenging career? Take up a training course now.

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