The Benefits of Attending an OHSAS 18001 Program for an Organisation

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Occupational Health and Safety Management is an effective way of setting up the best possible working conditions within an organisation. It guides on how to spot risks and put them under correct controls.

An OHSMS, or Occupational Health and Safety Management System, is a coordinated approach of managing health and safety risks within an organisation’s work atmosphere. Such a system assists in improving the safety performance of an organisation in accordance with established health and safety norms. The motive is to keep people at work safe from harm, eliminate safety hazards and managing a better health environment.

OHSMS is a vital facet of every organisation because it helps in:

  • Creating a safer work environment.
  • Lessening injuries and related expenses.
  • Improving business prospects.
  • Making business efficiency last long-term.
  • Establishing that an organisation is following all the standards of occupational health.
  • Building a good reputation of an organisation.

The standard of OHSMS:

BS (British Standard) OHSAS 18001 is the globally accepted standard for OHSMS. It provides a set of voluntary guideline to create a robust framework that helps an organisation to:

  • Identify and monitor health and safety risks.
  • Dismiss potential for injuries and accidents.
  • Achieve compliance with occupational health and safety management rules.
  • Take care of employee downtime.
  • Motivate staff and improve an organisation’s productivity.

The standard suits every business of every size.

Be it a startup or a big players, if an organisation has an OHSAS 18001 certified auditor, it will be able to efficiently set up lawful procedures to supervise and manage health and safety hazards via a risk-based approach.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

Whether you are new to Occupational Health and Safety Management, or wish to polish your skills further, you can always find the right trainings, services and resources to make it happen. Service packages like OHSAS 18001 Online Certification programs can help you kick start a sturdy health and safety management system for your organisation. In addition, because there are customised packages available, you will be kept away from the confusing intricacy of such systems and even from the costs of services you don’t require.

Depending on your starting point, you can learn about:

  • The standard: An introduction:

You can find out what Occupational Health and Safety Management is all about, and why OHSAS 18001 is the best standard for keeping your workplace risk-free.

  • Its implementation:

You will learn about how to implement the system efficaciously for the well being of your organisation and its workplace.

  • The certification:

You will be able to receive independent assessment and become a certified auditor in compliance with the standards of it.

  • How to maintain your system:

You will learn how to control the system and direct it to deliver the best outcome for your organisation and business.

With every organisation aggressively taking part in a cut-throat competition for excellence, such programs are more than helpful. Although the implementation of such a system is difficult, the significant benefits of it cannot be neglected.

So, why the delay? Choose the right program for your organisation today!

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