The Big Deal About PMP Certification: Why You Need to Get it Right Now

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The Project Management Professional credential – we all know it as a globally accepted accreditation that backs a professional’s knowledge, experience, and expertise as a project manager. It is like a promotion badge you hold that places you ahead of your peers.

Still looking for reasons to pursue a course for the accreditation? Here are some:

  • It’s the most sought-after accreditation all over the world.

Did you know that there are over 450, 000 certified project management professionals worldwide? Yes, this is the most recognised accreditation you can flaunt on your resume. In other words, when you take up a course and earn the PMP certification, you can showcase your expertise in the domain and your potential as a competent employee.

  • It can earn you a hike in your earnings.

Accredited professionals are reported to witness a steep hike in their earnings. Such professionals earn a salary that is 17% more than that of their non-accredited colleagues. This has become evident as per the reports delivered in the Eight Edition of the Project Management Salary Survey. Over 71% of project managers have seen this increase, according to the PMI.

  • It will expand the scope of your market reach.

When you are accredited, you get a chance to connect with like minds. There’s a global community of the holders of this credential, of which, you become an inseparable part, too. This becomes your opportunity to share ideas and tips, and get a clearer picture of the ongoing market trends.

  • You can have better job prospects.

The market recognises you as a promising employee. As per a survey carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers, more than 80% of top projects employ project managers with PMP certification to handle them. Also, according to the Project Management Institute, organisations that have a percentage of such professionals, which is more than 35, are better at carrying our projects than their competitors.

Thus, with the accreditation, you stand in a position where you will have better career prospects and in the world of project management.

  • You turn out to be versatile.

Yes, the course and your preparation to crack the examination make you an all rounder. You are the best bet a company can ever have. And, you are versatile in multifarious professional fields. These fields include the Information Technology, Business Processing, Finance, Commerce, and Research Sector. Thus, your skills are applicable across industries.

Does the course make sense now? Do you agree that you could become a better project manager if you are certified? Hurry up! Beat your competitors with this accreditation.

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