The Demand for Certified Quality Professionals is Only Rising

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Expectations from a quality professional have always been very high.

People believe this person has a vast knowledge about a range of intricate production issues and business skills. He is the first person to receive complaints regarding product failures and even to set the hang fire right.

Better if he is a certified quality manager. Not only will the expectations increase, but also result in greater job satisfaction. The tag might even open doorways to better salary, promotion possibilities, and employment opportunities.

With a view to setting a standard for the profession, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) started its certification program in the year 1968. Today, this very program encompasses over ten different relevant professions, including engineers, auditors, and Six Sigma Black Belt professionals. In other words, it has earned a global acknowledgement, and the demand, at present, is huge.

Where’s the money?

According to a recent survey conducted by the ASQ, a certified quality manager b>certification in UAE earns a professional more money than another who lacks it. This is a significant finding as it tells us about the prospects of attending the program.

Why is the program of such high value?

The ASQ aims at maintaining a certain high standard and in all its programs. This means that the pathway to acquiring expertise in the field is not easy; it’s full of hurdles.

The biggest hurdle is the associated examination, which you must pass at all costs to become a qualified professional. This exam demands that you have some prior work experience in the relevant field. For instance, if you have opted for a certified quality engineer course in UAE, you must have a minimum of eight years of on-the job experience, or an ASQ-accredited institutional degree plus two to five years of work experience.

Moreover, all candidates must present proof of professionalism in the following ways:

  • Showing that they have a membership directly in ASQ, or an affiliated society of ASQ.
  • Demonstrating that they are registered professionals.
  • Presenting signatures of two ASQ members, or members of affiliated associations who can verify that the candidates are qualified practitioners in the field.

These stringent criteria render a certified quality engineer training as a highly valuable achievement, which, in many ways, promises a better income.

The examination is a multiple-choice questionnaire offered only in English. The ASQ suggests that candidates should go through the sample questions provided in the study guidelines to understand the pattern better.

Why is every organisation placing emphasis on this license?

Every business needs an effective improvement in its operations. It needs to assess its employees and processes for quality, customer satisfaction, affordability, and of course, technological proficiency.

This is why business organisations have chosen to focus more on controlling product manufacture and services. Those in the front-line are being thoroughly trained and motivated to pursue a certified quality engineer course in Dubai. And, this step, according to many, has immensely helped in enhancing the overall business performance of organisations.

The ultimate mantra is to keep up with the profession.

This is because the profession is rapidly evolving and becoming out-and-out operational. It demands that the entire team and each member of it, take up equal responsibilities for various operational processes. Only then can success be met.

The rising competitiveness requires that everyone concerned, participates fully, and with appropriate skill sets. They must be aware of what their customers want and how to stratify them.

The core idea, obviously, is to follow money. A certified quality manager training in Abu Dhabi undoubtedly improves the working conditions within an organisation. But, more than that, it brings in profits and a lot of cost-cutting.

What a way to success!

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