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ITIL certification reads as Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This aspect is upon which the IT industry runs smoothly. It is designed to see that the entire organization runs as effectively and smoothly as possible.

It is also designed to make customized solution to curb the time and cost of the entire process.

There are 4 levels within the ITIL certification which will help you to improve your qualifications:

– Foundation
– Intermediate
– ITIL Expert
– ITIL Master


  • Benefits of adopting ITIL can include:
    – the increased productivity
    – increase level of customer satisfaction
    -it reduces costs
    – it improves communications between the IT functionality and its customer
    – it improves the morale of service delivery staff
    -it Lowers the costs of training
    – Better asset utilisation Savings in total costs of ownership of 48% have been reported in case studies.  P&G has attributed savings of 10% of their total IT costs to adoption of ITIL.
  • Importance of ITIL Professionals

Any IT professional who wants to build their career in a proficient way should seriously consider this course as a mandatory since after achieving it they will be marked in their organization.

It needs to be mentioned that ITIL is a specialized course and the participant needs to undergo special training in order to prepare for the ITIL certification.


  • What are the Contents of an ITIL Course?

The course consists of three steps.
One needs to crack each step with excellence, in order to head into the other level.

To achieve the excellence in each step the candidate must go for an examination and crack it.


As mentioned, the ITIL Training program consists of three different steps. Here is a brief insight into those steps:


Step 1:  The first step is known as ITIL Foundation Training. The basic concepts of IT, in terms of software, hardware, operating system are discussed in this course.


Step 2: The trainees in this step gets to implement their practical knowledge about the fundamentals of IITL system . Therefore, they are trained and given on-hand experience to know the true essence of the course.


Step 3: Step 3, is the final step of the ITIL training program. It is about the fundamentals of ITIL system management that is aimed towards the smooth operation of an organization.


  • Where to Avail the Training from?

There are many institutions which offers training on ITIL; however, there are a few which offer the best. There are a couple of excellent ITIL training institutes located in the UAE. ITIL certifications have made a name for it in offering training of the highest quality on ITIL.


ITIL Foundation Certification has gained a lot of importance and is now regarded as one of the most important courses in the IT industry which will increase the credibility of any IT professional in the truest manner.

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