The importance of learning MS Office 2010 today

Posted on June 20th, 2014 by blogger

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Every industry today requires data to be written, analyzed, programmed and presented in a precise, concise and orderly way. Regular ‘note’ programs may let you write data down and use it when needed but do not offer the variety of useful tools and features that MS Office 2010 provides.
Office 2010 comes packed with several new features like paste preview, protected view of documents (to protect from malicious software), several more themes, video editing, ribbon features etc.

How will learning MS Office 2010 help you?

  • Most positions today require candidates to be proficient in the basics of Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • The programs available in MS Office help in editing, viewing and presenting files according to world-class standards
  • Programs such as Excel help in analyzing large amounts of numerical data and organizing it seamlessly via the filter option
  • Special options in Word help you minimize errors, look up synonyms and insert screenshots without using the snipping tool

All in all MS Office 2010 is a powerhouse of tools and features. Mastering the basics of MS Office 2010 program will definitely enhance your resume and improve your chances of landing a better job and enhancing your career.

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