The LEED Certification Training: Everything You Need to Know About its Categories

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This write-up is for those who are at the basic level of earning this industry-acknowledged credential. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is the most preferred Green Building program all over the globe.

What and whom does the accreditation cater to?

The LEED certification training can earn the accreditation for the sake of a building or even for individual interest.

In case of a building, the accreditation can be Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Such constructions are considered to be resource-friendly in the way that they don’t use up the resource completely. Their maintenance is similar and less demanding. The buildings are regarded as environmentally compliant, and in safe condition for the occupants.

On the other hand, professionals, whose field of work encompasses this industry, can also acquire the credential via the program. For this, they have to show that they have the knowledge and skill set required for the kind of green building work.

What are the types of the credential?

The accreditation has been broadly categorised into two main types:

  • LEED Green Associate – the Tier I credential.
  • LEED AP – the Tier II credential.

The Tier I credential is the very first step toward becoming an expert in green building. It is an attestation that a professional is aware of the principles and best practices of the work. He is capable of creating and constructing building designs that are downright sustainable.

The Tier II credential, however, goes on to show that the professional has a deep understanding of the field. He is well versed with the rating system and is also capable of enabling the process of accreditation. Tier II is further sub-categorised into the following:

  • Building Design + Construction (BD+C) – this is best suited for professionals who are constructing green buildings for education, commercial, or residential purposes.
  • Operations + Maintenance (O+M) – this is meant for professionals who work to improve a building’s energy duty.
  • Interior Design + Construction (ID+C) – this credential satiates the profession of those who work on the interiors of constructional spaces.
  • Homes – it is for the professionals concerned with building green homes.


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