The training and the after-effects of P6 certification

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Primavera software is a high demand for industry standard software, and taking a training of Primavera P6 certification has been a common venture for those who are working in the IT, energy and manufacturing and construction industries. But unless you are guided by some professional help, learning this course can take years.

So here are the 5 benefits of taking up the training in class:

  1. The best project management is learnt and practiced-

The standardized training course will help you take project from the scratch and end it with a complete touch with this software. There are many project management with “best practices” which will be covered. For example,

  • It will help in building a project structure
  • to-do list
  • Resource Management
  1. Instructors are certified

The trainees will go through a rigorous training under some certified teachers or instructors who are hired based on their professional credential. If you sign up for a class of this training then rest be ensured to receive the best training in techniques of P6 which you can use for project management.

  1. A training manual and a certificate will be received

Having a textbook beside you can always give you the assurance of going back on the things you have missed. A training in class handovers this kind of manual which strengthens the materials learned in the classes. If you ever forget while doing a project about some intricacy of the training taught then, you can have the guide of the book.

  1. Workshops are held to practice the lessons learned

The workshops will be done on real data which will be given to the attendees to put it into the software and practice it.

  1. The extra advantage

Have you ever wondered you can earn extra PDU points if you enroll in the classes of Primavera P6 Certification Exam?

The trainees can earn extra point of Professional Development Units (PDUs) while coming to the classroom on a regular basis. Each day comprises of 6.5 PDUs if the trainee is on the classroom training. To maintain a PMP credential a person must complete 60 PDUs in a three year cycle. So if you decide to attend the basic and advanced project management classes in P6 Management software, you could earn 32.5 PDUs!


What they can do after the training:

Such software is in need for every industry starting from the planners, schedulers, engineers, project managers and for anyone else engaged in planning, management and reporting of a project.

So here is the list what the trainees can achieve after finishing off this course:


  • They can bring down the risk of cost and schedule overrun
  • They can ensure effective management of project activities with training in this application
  • They can ensure optimum utilization of all resources
  • The can get a clear visibility of what is going on in the project from time-to-time
  • It will also help in quick and easy forecasting
  • Reports can be easily obtained and so performance evaluation will become easier.
  • It will help in easy break down of project structure and activities
  • It will also enable easy coordination between all the parties involved in a particular project.

Due to the above mentioned reason trying out your hand at Primavera certification course in Dubai is a much needed thing as Dubai is one o the emerging IT hubs in the world and hence it is utterly beneficial for you to avoid some bitter mistake by accomplishing this course.

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