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The Profession’s Soon to Become the Most ‘In’ Thing in the Coming Future

Over the years, ‘quality’ has become almost a movement, sort of, in the companies of the UAE. Today, it is just on the verge of becoming a huge revolution. The concept is fast turning into a respite for companies to ensure strong business growth, enhanced profit, and greater ROI.

True, the idea has undergone mammoth transformations in terms of its implementation and management to satiate the modern-day business atmosphere.

But, whatever be the degree of evolution, there is no denying the fact that it is an inevitable thing for every player in the industry. Today, attending a certified quality manager course in Dubai is turning into the most inevitable thing for every organisation.

Let’s have a glimpse of the journey of this groundbreaking concept:

Yesteryear’s concerns have been settled, once and for all:

Maintaining high standards of products was a backbreaking thing for every manufacturer in the past. Often, production took a backseat because of the inability to ensure excellence.

Then came the statistical sampling techniques, and changed the entire scenario of product manufacture. The techniques matured with the passage of time and started defining the roles of such professionals within an organisation.

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The UAE, which was once a nation solely concerned about oil and natural gas, was now successfully stepping toward other industries that encouraged tourism, trade, real estate, construction, and many other aspects.

It had soon turned into a service-and-knowledge based economy rather than an oil nation. The advent of quality was welcomed with all heart and excellence was smiling on the UAE in never industry niche.

Celebrating 22 years of excellence!

All throughout this 22 years, starting from the introduction of the concept, the UAE has presented a number of strategies to encourage a sense of competition amongst the organisations of the nation.

Because of this initiative taken, the nation has also witnessed great improvements in overall productivity and quality of production. Its world competitive ranking has been boosted amazingly.

Yes, the economy still faces many a challenges. But, the zeal for coming up with high standard products and services has not been overpowered. The glorious journey is still on.

Milestones that led to the revolution:

The most talked about is the establishment of the Dubai Quality Award (DQA). It began in the year 1994, under the rule of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the then vice president and prime minister of the UAE.

Although initially aimed at encouraging the private sector, the award focuses on rewarding companies that show earnest commitment to maintain quality and attempt to soar toward organisational brilliance. Here is how an organisation is assessed for DQA:

MISP Training and Consultancy UAE Abu Dhabi Qatar

The second milestone was the setup of the Dubai Quality Group (DQG) in 1994. It is a non-profit entity, which focuses on the development and promotion of business superiority of the UAE.

The third was the membership-based Dubai Service Excellence Scheme (DSES) that had come up in 2002. It was aimed at raising customer service standards, especially for commerce.

Then, with the advent of ISO 9000, companies started believing in international standards of quality management. In the year 1995, about 104 such certifications were issued in the nation, which rose to over 3200 in the year 2012.

At present the ISO 9001 standard is being followed wholeheartedly, along with six sigma certifications. These standards have helped the business organisations lay a sturdy foundation to improve their quality management attempts and offer training and knowledge to their employees.


The value a certified quality manager course in Dubai holds today:

The very purpose of a quality management system (QMS) is to ensure that high standards of product and services are met. Hardly any company in UAE proceeds with product manufacture or services without a QMS these days.

Every organisation is looking for trained professionals who can carry out related tasks with utmost diligence. As such, this certification has become indispensable. The nation is quality hungry. How competent is your organisation for satiating this hankering?

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