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To develop the skills for auditing ISMS a participant is trained in an intensive Lead Auditor Course.

The course also teaches the leader to manage a team of audit officials with prescribed principles and techniques.

The participant is also taught about the application of ISMS in the ISO 27001 context. He is also taught about the importance of risk assessment, its management and the ways of controlling the system.  In this context the person is also taught about the connection with the stakeholders of the organization too.

The eligibility criteria:

  • Academically, you have to pass high school as a minimum requirement, but then ou have to be a graduate too.
  • The participant should have a good knowledge about ISO 9000 standards.
  • Your experience should be of the managerial post or the super-wiser post.
  • The participant should have an audit experience.
  • The work experience that the candidate has should have relevance with the training course.

The course:

the certification not only helps to be a Lead Auditor but also spreads its wings into other factors.

An auditor is expected to have a knowledge of ISO standards, Quality Management System, Quality Standards and Organization Management. This course gives a brief of that too.

The duration of the Lead Auditor Training Course is of four days where the training is been given, and on the fifth day an examination is levied, passing which the person obtains the certification.

The result of the training:

The participate will also be taught how to analyze the internal and external environment of an organization. Toward the end of this training, that particular candidate can:

  • Plan, arrange and execute audits as per ISO 27001 standards.
  • Will Master audit techniques because of the regular practices.
  • Will be able to proficiently manage teams and programs.
  • Caommunicate with the clients in a lucid manner, and
  • Resolve if any problems occur on the client part.
  • Expand to the information security control and management capabilities.
  • Gain international recognition
  • Strengthen his own capabilities.
  • Gives a boost to the Curriculum Vitae to invite better job prospects.

The programs are great if you wish to improve your leadership qualities of guiding a team. Some organisations even consider this certification as a prerequisite.

Why do you lag behind? Begin your information security management journey today!

The designation offered:

After the trainig of the course, the candidate becomes a succesful LA and hence is able to lead the team of auditors. This makes the person a very recognized one in the organiztion as it is a pivotal role to play. The expectation from the lead auditor is also to know-how the strength of the membersand exhibit his own skills too in the team.

Now, what makes the certification so popular?

The era has gone of the ‘industries’, it is now the era of the ‘information technologies’ hence ever da is competetion to move ahead of the other person.

Since everyone has the same motive, you must not waste time too!

As a matter of fact, this is the most flexible course that can give you a potential career. Companies have now set their eyes on the search nfor ISO qualified people for their reputed brand name, hence if you can manage the prerequisite and the accredation then you will stand strong as a contender to others.

So, are you hot or trot?


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