Why Attend a Certified Quality Engineer Course? What Does it Take to Become a CQE?

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In quality lies a company’s glory. And, because there’s no denying or doing without this aspect, organisations are hiring certified quality engineers (CQE) in large numbers. Let’s study why this accreditation is so important.

ASQ defines it as ‘peer recognition’ meaning, it is a formal credential of the proficiency of a professional. The person, who has it, is more credible than others. He is distinct from the lot and earns a higher salary. Of course, the value of the credential can vary from company to company.

Apart from the monetary advantages, attending a certified quality engineer course in Dubai is a career investment as well. It behaves as an encouragement to achieve long-term business goals. The program also demands the candidates to have certain educational qualifications, professionalism, and work experience to be able to sit for the certification examination.

For instance, it is mandatory to have an advanced degree form an ASQ-acknowledged institution and a minimum of eight years of experience, which can be waived depending on the level of academic qualification. Yet again, it is also necessary to provide evidence of professionalism.

A candidate can do it either by being a member of the ASQ, being an engineer by profession, or by getting verified as a ‘qualified practitioner of quality sciences’ by at least two members from acknowledged professional establishments.

At the end of the training, all applicants must undergo a five-hour written examination. They have to attempt 160 questions, all of which are offered in English language. These questions are centred on six areas:

  • Management and Leadership in the field:
  • Quality Systems.
  • Product and Process Design.
  • Project Management.
  • Continuous Improvement.
  • Quantitative Methods and Tools.

If you study the importance of the accreditation from a business point of view, you will notice that it helps companies make more money. It makes an organisation more trustful and credible. A certification can help a company conduct its quality process more sincerely.

In short, the course helps in leading the industry to the best professionals of quality engineering. The more available they are, the better it is for organisations and consumers.

It’s like a cycle of profit. And, the core of the cycle lies in the accreditation. Don’t you think you should get certified as well? Go, grab the opportunity now.

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