Developing New Managers




Effective, high-quality management is key to organizational success. No matter what your industry, your organization needs to have skilled managers in place to be the best it can be. But managers don’t just appear out of nowhere, equipped with the skills to succeed. Managers need to be developed. And while your organization is likely to do a mix of external hiring and internal promotion, taking the time to develop new managers from within the organization is a worthwhile time investment. There are several strategies that can help you develop new managers, which ensures not just the success of individual employees but of the organization as a whole.

Program Details

Module 01: Getting Started
Module 02: Managers are Made, Not Born
Module 03: Create a Management Track
Module 04: Define and Build Comptencies
Module 05: Managers Learn by Being Managed Well
Module 06: Provide Tools
Module 07: Provide Support
Module 08: Identify Strong Candidates Early
Module 09: Clearly Define the Management Track
Module 10: Empower New Managers
Module 11: Provide Growth Opportunities
Module 12: Wrapping Up


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