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In 2005, the Ayers group reported that in the United States, 25 million hours were spent in meetings. Half of these hours were wasted. With an average American hourly wage of $16 per hour, that is a minimum of $200 million dollars in waste. (Considering that the average meeting attendant is at the management level or higher, that figure is a very low estimate.)

So how do you reduce waste and make your meetings more efficient? Take this workshop to find out!

Advantage of MISP

Advantage of MISP

We completely understand training requirements as we have over years of training experience. This has helped us discover more advanced methodical and strategic plans to train people and achieve their goals.

We have 360 degree view of the customer requirement and provide effective solutions.

We understand our clients and thus have compiled and consolidated all trainings to suit their requirements in more realistic approach.

Our online system allows you to review and grade your progress, combined by telephonic consultation, face to face meetings and weekly workshops.

With our online system; people do not need to waste their precious time and they can access our training program round the clock 24×7.

Our objective and goal is to see our clients achieve the desired goals and progress. We commit to extend all support to achieve the collective goals.

You can reach our helpdesk and an education advisor will call to resolve your query.

We track you throughout the process until we see you certified.

Program Details

Program Details

Module One: Getting Started

Ground rules
The parking lot
Workshop objectives
Action plans and evaluation forms

Module Two: Planning and Preparing, Part One

Identifying the Participants
Choosing the Time and Place
Creating the Agenda

Module Three: Planning and Preparing, Part Two

Gathering Materials
Sending Invitations
Making Logistical Arrangements

Module Four: Setting up the Meeting Space

The Basic Essentials
The Extra Touches
Choosing a Physical Arrangement

Module Five: Electronic Options

Overview of the Choices Available
Things to Consider
Making a Final Decision

Module Six: Meeting Roles and Responsibilities

The Chairperson
The Minute Taker
The Attendees
Variations for Large and Small Meetings

Module Seven: Chairing a Meeting, Part One

Getting Off on the Right Foot
The Role of the Agenda
Using a Parking Lot

Module Eight: Chairing a Meeting, Part Two

Keeping the Meeting on Track
Dealing with Overtime
Holding Participants Accountable

Module Nine: Dealing with Disruptions

Running in and Out
Cell Phones and Pagers Ringing
Off on a Tangent
Personality Conflicts

Module Ten: Taking Minutes

What are Minutes?
What Do I Record?
A Take-Home Template

Module Eleven: Making the Most of Your Meeting

The 50 Minute Meeting
Using Games
Giving Prizes
Stuffed Magic

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Words from the Wise
Review of Parking Lot
Lessons Learned
Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

Benefits of the Program

Benefits of the Program

You will be able to make your meetings more meaningful than ever before. This training will also help save time and money.

Delivery of the Program

Delivery of the Program

Printed copy of the power point presentation – same as used in physical workshops
Printed copy of the student manual or the training guide
Online step by step tutorials of the worksheet or exercise sheets
Printed copy of quick tips and tricks.
Online access of power point presentation – You can see on the web with your login anytime anywhere
Online access to test
Online access to carefully chosen relevant articles
Online access to carefully chosen audio video clips
Completion certificate is mailed to you on successful completion of the test
Some programs have an original book by renowned authors.

Your Instructor

Your Instructor

This is a self study program. Same programs are conducted in workshops and as instructor led training. Our instructors are subject matter experts with immense industry experience.

Practice Test

Practice Test

The practice tests are taken online through the e-learning portal. After you register for the program; login details would be sent for the test.

Batch Schedule

Batch Schedule

Please refer to the news and events section in the home page to find your favourite course and the next batch schedule.



These are self development programs and do not require an accreditation. But we issue a certificate of completion after you have successfully completed the program.
































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