Office Politics for Managers




Office politics, or work politics, are the strategies and procedures that employees use to function and advance in a work setting. It is important for managers to learn and understand the office environment and the employees that make it tick. Since the manager interacts with several aspects of the workplace, one should learn how to effectively work with colleagues, supervisors, and upper management in order to help keep the department functioning as a whole.

Program Details

Module 01: Getting Started

Module 02: New Hires

Module 03: It’s About Interacting and Influencing

Module 04: Dealing with Rumors, Gossip, and Half – Truths

Module 05: Office Personalities (I)

Module 06: Office Personalities (II)

Module 07: Getting Support for Your Projects

Module 08: Conflict Resolution

Module 09: Ethics

Module 10: You Are Not an Island

Module 11: Social Events Outside of Work

Module 12: Wrapping Up


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